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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 22, 2011

Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - October 22, 2011


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for October 22, 2011

Gigi Morasco

Copyright by ABC, 2011
Hello Readers!

Welcome to UGH week. That’s what I’m calling this week, because the writers have gone off the deep end and some of the storylines are WAY out there! Buckle up, readers, we’re off.

Paranormal Activity That’s what the writers’ angle was when they introduced Gigi ghost into the mix, wasn’t it? How on Earth did it wind up landing in the storyline cesspool with Stacy wearing Gigi’s face? UGH! Stacy was not a character anyone liked even when she was Stacy, so what would be the purpose of a Stacy without Gigi? Frankly, I didn’t see the purpose of bringing back Kimberly or keeping Cutter, but since they are candidates for the Fast-Forward feature, they can be easily ignored. We’ve all been watching this storyline for some time now, and I personally haven’t found any sensible connection or sound reason for Stacy Morasco’s resurrection than I have found for Gigi’s death, or Jack’s job security.

This whole storyline is ridiculous! Roxy and Echo looking for an ugly porcupine named Morris with a gun stuck in his..(beep!), began as hilarious then ended up in a senseless forging of documents for KIM, another useless puzzle piece.

If the writers were going to introduce this gibberish as a storyline for the amazing Gigi, the least they could have done is make it an outstanding storyline! Better yet, one that didn’t include Cutter as a participant! UGH!

The Buchanan Saga Chronicles-Pt. 1—The Floating Paternity Test Results

Do I even need to say who I’m talking about? UGH! Jessica has no reason to keep the truth to herself if she wasn’t up to no good. How deep does her Bratty Syndrome go? She pretends to be suffer moral conflict…”I don’t wanna hurt Brody”. “How could I do that to him?” Um, stupid brat, did you ever stop to consider that YOUR SISTER is the one you should care about first?? Or John, maybe, who was devastated when his world came crashing down on the day that was supposed to be the best one of his life? Or, most importantly, THE BABY, who has a right to know his father no matter how YOU feel about his mother? Didn’t Ryder get that opportunity even though there were a couple of candidates who were qualified to be tested? Yeah, Jess, you’re REALLY hurting! WE believe you! (Scoff). Honestly, Ford should tell John what he knows. Didn’t he remember how he felt when he thought he was Ryder’s father then the fake results said otherwise? How come everyone else is okay with letting John go through that after their paternity plights were over?

Moving on to the other involved parties in this DNA fiasco, I don’t think there are any sub-levels of low left for Brody to sink to. I can’t find any more words or infractions to list against this human impediment. For all of the prestigious honors, awards and services that are associated with Brody that have easily been cancelled out with his current actions. He has gone so far as to threaten a man and risk all of his credentials for the sake of a family that he was never entitled to. STOP IT, writers! Just stop! The storyline has no more secrets to hide. EVERYONE has a piece of knowledge about little Liam, even a dog. Why the writers feel that they are keeping us on the edge of our seats in quality entertainment is a mystery we’ll never solve. The air of suspense is stale and stifling in this storyline, and the only thing we’re waiting for is that loaded-glove punch John is going to land in Brody face when the truth comes out.

And then there’s the final act in this infinite-ring circus…Natalie. Are we being forced to accept that Natalie’s sense died with her memory? Is it me, or has Natalie been a total DUNCE when it comes to the obvious CLUES about Brody? If she had the inclination to consult with Delphina for answers to what happened on the roof with Marty, why hasn’t she thought of consulting a medically-trained hypnotist to regain her memory? She has yet to reveal the conversation that Victor’s secretary had with her in the precinct, she never recorded the statement, and she hasn’t put Brody to the test and asked him for the truth. It’s hard to believe that she can be a shrewd, keen, and instinctive FORENSIC expert about every crime in Llanview, yet she didn’t find Brody’s explanation for the heated blow-up with Victor to be suspicious. COME ON! Who DOES such a thing? I think she needs a vacation. She lost her marbles the day she agreed to make her and Brody “official”. There is no chemistry between them, their affection seems routine and robotic, and no one seems to notice how many times she hesitates to spend more time with John. UGH!

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