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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 9, 2011


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for November 9, 2011

David Vickers...Oh, not him...the dog!

David Vickers' Mayhem

Is this dog not the most hilarious character onscreen these days? She seems to be the only mischievous character that values the need to preserve a sensitive, confidential medical record. And, I will probably shock many of you, but Ford and Jessica are slowly growing on me. Jessica is trying to hold on to a bit of maturity in her brathood, and Ford has earned his stars as Ryder's daddy. Frankly, Ford has been a better parent than Jessica anyway. Despite all of the shenanigans that the Buchanan brats have engaged in, or the constant tantrums that Jessica has thrown, Ford has concentrated on his son without wavering. Now, if he can only keep his spine intact and continue to stand up to Clint, he'll earn the captain's badge he'll so rightfully deserve in the end.

Pepcid Moments of the Week: Neela Patel and Jack Manning discussing Scarface and the Frog. Jack having that much dialog is nerve-grating.

Brody playing the possessive “Stay away from my woman” role was nauseating. I'll be happy when John head butts him with his gun.

Nora playing the nurturing mother to Destiny—UGH!

Cheers and Jeers of the Week

Cheers: Roxy and Marcie were great this week! Kathy Brier never ceases to deliver a classy and talented performance as Marcie, and the morally-rich, spiritual qualities of the character is always so well-projected through Kathy. Roxy is just hilarious anyway, but when she is on a motherly love mission, she is endlessly addictive!

Jeers: Jack, as usual. His “Get Scarface” act is getting old quick. Having Neela Patel as a supportive accomplice won't give breathe any life into it.

Brody, for dishonoring his patriotic service accreditation by becoming a lowlife.

Nora, for losing her integrity a long time ago and still pretending she's a saint.

Email Reader Response:

Well...I have to say that opening my feedback email was unusually entertaining this week. You all have had a lot to say!

First up: Lucile M: I agree that Clint was always a Buchanan-arrogant pill from way back when, but somehow he was always the best when Viki was his wife. She knew how to push back as Viki and as her alters, and to be fair, Clint stood by her through ALL of that, just as she did through all of his crap. Just as Tina and Cord, I have always believed that Viki and Clint belong together...unless Ben Davidson returns, because he was always the only other person who could be that Clint in her life with MUCH more to offer, and much less havoc for Viki to pull through.

Judy97:I raise my glass in agreement, my dear! We are so bonded on the ridiculous waste of a storyline regarding Stacy/Gigi and Rex and Cutter. No matter which character she turns out to be, Shane and Rex will be subjected to another round of grief and adjusting. It's cruel.

Betty M: Thank you for thinking so much of me that you stopped to praise the column from your cell phone! I am much honored.

Jillian! You are always my shadow writer in your feedback! You make me laugh with your truthful follow-ups and your own sassy feedback outlooks on the characters and storylines! Keep it coming, and feel better!


Rhonda, Joan, JoAnn, Linda...You spoke, and I was listening! All of you were sounding OFF! I enjoyed a few hearty laughs in the process, and I acknowledged the support. Thanks to you and ALL of you Great Ones for the daily contributions and continuous support.

Wrapping It Up

This has been another week of push and pull stories. Push a new character, pull away from tying up the loose ends. Push a useless character, pull away from quality. I fully acknowledge that we had a little more than our routine handful of quality buffers and distractions to tip the scale and temper the Survival Kits needs. But,THAT'S the problem! We get to FINALLY get a few more bites of the Classic Llanview Apple, and then we have to spit out a worm. Why do we need to endure things such as Scarface and the Frog stories when there is plenty of unfinished business left in the storylines we WANT to watch? And has anyone asked themselves WHY Neela Patel has even been introduced? The only connection that she has to Llanview is to two characters that serve no purpose, but are tolerated to hang around because one of them, Vimal, has a pleasant charm about him. On the other hand, why are Natalie and John still being stretched past the popping point? There is a severe need for storyline landscaping in this show. There are too many weeds, insects, and broken rocks littering the garden. Psst! Writers! OLTL Viewer Landscaping Company at your service.

Until next week, readers. God bless.


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