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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 10, 2012


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for January 10, 2012

"Rex and Gig have reunited and Gigi has reconnected with all of her memories. It’s about damned time!!!"

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Welcome to “WHOA! It’s About Damned Time” week! We have been treated this week, folks, and the few tiny snags we’ve hit this week weren’t enough to affect the greatness. Buckle up, this is going to be one exhilarating ride.

Buchanan Saga: Life After Death

Rex and Gigi have reunited and Gigi has reconnected with all of her memories. It’s about damned time!!! Raise your hand if you were able to avoid crying when Gigi and Shane were reunited. Anyone? I didn’t see any hands. Very good! If any of you had raised your hands I’d make you take a polygraph. Farah Fath and Austin Williams were nothing short of MAGNIFICENT in their performances this week. When Shane choked out a tearful: “Mommy?” and Gigi nodded her head before hugging him, I sobbed like a two-year-old who was robbed of a toy. And the tears didn’t stop there. We had to endure watching Gigi’s short-lived hurt when she discovered the Aubrey factor,--(UGH!)-- but we were quickly rewarded with the expulsion of Aubrey as Rex went to personally deliver the news that Santa did indeed make his rounds, but he dropped the gifts in Rex’s lap, not hers.

Now, I will say that I was sympathetic to Aubrey in her hurt. She had become a good assistant to Rex and Shane in their grief, but she had to know that even if Gigi’s survival had not been in effect, it was too soon to hope for a real relationship with Rex anyway. I found it offensive that she considered removing Gigi’s Christmas stocking from the mantle even for the short minute that she did. No matter what her hopes were for a relationship with Rex, or her beliefs on what the proper methods of moving on from Gigi were, it was not her place to touch anything in Rex’s life without his permission to do so.

I found the interaction between Natalie and Shane pretty touching as well. Natalie is now in the role of Shane’s aunt, and having had intimate knowledge of Gigi from a sisterly-slash-good friend viewpoint, she was able to offer Shane some real comfort and happiness about life without his mother. Of course, since she wasn’t dead, it wasn’t necessary, but in the few moments that he and Natalie had before Rex came flying through the door, it was wonderful.

Gigi and Shane’s face-off with the Jack-bot was PRICELESS!!!!! I admit that I did feel a twinge of pity for Jack, since he has been making small dents in his presentation of remorse, but The Morasco-Balsom clan was long overdue for justice. How exhilarating was it to see Jack face the person he thought he killed standing in front of him from the opposite side of the steel bars he had avoided for so long? I danced a jig screaming “SCORE!” every time he tried to apologize to Gigi and hit a dead end. It was just too good to be true! And Gigi’s exit line, “Tell that to my sister”, was the perfect finish to a perfect scene! WOO-HOO!!!!!

And how can I conclude this segment without talking about the long-awaited wedding? Rex wasted NO TIME in finishing what he started before the cyborg interrupted their flow. The wedding, presided over by Madame Delfina couldn’t have been a more beautiful ceremony. Gigi and Rex’s personal vows were more than fitting, the candle she held to represent her love for Rex since high school was ABSOLUTELY phenomenal, and again I pose this question: WHO can dare say that they made it through all of that with dry eyes?

Mannings Gone Wild

This storyline has been multi-faceted all the way around. Todd is trying to keep the internal lava of his burning secret from erupting while he plays House with a life he’s trying to create on yet another lie. I still maintain that Todd’s “secret” is a scriptwriting idiocy, but it’s the truth for now. Trying to cover up a lie never works, and for the Mannings, it can be fatal. In this case, Todd is skating on a banana peel heading straight to the tombs. The very tragic thing is, Todd has done some of the most commendable things in the history of Todd since his return. The problem is, it can’t be recognized at full value due to the abominable writing choices made by the network.

Those of us who have known Todd’s character since his debut know that the tolerance he’s shown Dani and Jack would never have happened back then. Todd wouldn’t have stepped back to wait for them to come around at all. He would have done far worse than what he’s doing right now to win Blair back, and he would have probably been more demanding for a place in their life. The way he handled Jack in the beginning when he returned from the dead was a step in a great direction, but the writers had to bring him back down to his old ways when the truth about Jack came out regarding the fire and Gigi’s “death”. If that wasn’t enough of a knife to the heart, they twisted the knife a little further and put him on a quest for revenge against a teenager. Could they bring him down any further? Is there anything else that can be done to desecrate the integrity of this character?

This was the perfect opportunity to entertain us without succumbing to the same old predictable storyline nonsense. Todd was a dark and troubled brat who believes he’s entitled to everything and accountable for nothing. When he fell for Blair back then, he softened somewhat and we saw the humanity in him beyond the pain. When they sent Roger away and put Trevor in as Todd, we saw more of the humanity in him, but twice the trouble as well. When Roger reclaimed his Todd role, we saw a different perspective integrated with the classic characteristics, and it looked like an enriched progression which promised to make for great entertainment. Um, w-w-what happened?

I’ll tell you what happened. The writers retreated into their comfort zone and wrapped up the final storylines with a lack of the respect due the longtime fans and the loyal actors. It’s easier to make Todd do what everyone expected him to do. Repeat the cycle with Jack and show him that you’ll break every law to keep him out of jail instead of taking the rebellion from the bratty teen and pushing back as a father. Why should you teach your son to take his lumps for his bad actions when you’re busy being a schemer with Blair yourself? It’s shameful.

On another level, Starr’s situation with Rick is one that requires the dark side of Todd. Um, w-w-w-what happened? Is bribing Jack to love you more important than protecting a child that is already okay with you from a sexual predator who’s violating her dignity while blackmailing her? NOW is the time to be ruthless Todd Manning! NOW! This is the situation where you pull out thugs to kidnap the scum and hold him in a private underground facility with a gun pointed at this head behind the scenes of a confession video. I wouldn’t even be opposed to having Rick sent to a prison similar to David’s Moroccan cell and have a burly cell mate named Brutus there to give him a taste of his own perverted activities. Too bad that wasn’t in the script.

Flash over to poor Neela….

I love this girl, and I am making an official declaration about it. This girl has integrity, and she’s not ashamed to flaunt it. I can honestly say that I FELT her pain when she decided to take a stand and help Shane, and I felt the torment of her inner conflict when Jack was arrested because of the tape. But more importantly, I COMMEND her bravery to stick to what she did and admit what she did to Jack TO JACK! The way she was torn to shreds by the daggers thrown by both of the manning men idiots cut me to the core as well, but the little lady STOOD HER GROUND! Kudos to you, Neela Patel. You were the only upstanding person in the lot of Mannings who reminded us of virtue.

And I also have to commend Blair this week on the virtuous front. FINALLY, she gave Jack that long overdue motherly whipping. No, readers, I am not talking about a belt or a physical beating, I’m talking about the fact that she PUT THE LITTLE WACKO IN HIS DAMNED CHILD’S PLACE for once and for all! WOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!! I was beginning to think that her sense and sensibility was locked up for life. Thank you, writers, for re-energizing Blair’s thinking cap. I wanted to pull out a flogging strap when Jack told Blair that she never paid him any mind and that she didn’t care about him whenever Starr had a crisis. WHAT??? You sniveling, little, mechanically-defective, parasitic ingrate!!!!

When Jack began torturing Sam with harsh remarks, she was there with love. When he decided that he was going to turn to bullying weaker people, she was strict, but she was there with love. When he CONTINUED to torture Shane after his suicide attempt, SHE WAS THERE WITH LOVE, and when he concocted the idea to lure Shane into a house and lock him in a basement for fun, she was there. And the best defense that this little knock-off mobster-in-training could come up with was “Mommy didn’t pay attention to me”???ARE YOU SERIOUS?

You were feeling slighted, so instead of asking Mommy for more time, you put on your best macho armor and acted like you could handle it…and MOMMY was to blame? YOU decided to turn to petty but fatal crimes…but Mommy didn’t spend with you, so hey, what’s a kid to do? GO TO JAIL and see how the truly unfortunate kids behave. The ones who don’t have rich parents, a mayor and a newspaper mogul for aunts that will love them and bail them out of anything, or have enough money to pay someone to give up their freedom for your pranks and see how well that goes for you. You little weasel. AAARRGH!!! I think in this case, I want to flog his father. Send the brat to Spofford and see how tough he remains. The REAL thugs will chew him up and spit him out like he didn’t agree with their stomachs. Brat.

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