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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 1, 2011

Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - February 1, 2011


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for February 1, 2011

"Clint’s ship is sinking..."

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Greetings, all!

It looks like the party’s still going on this week! Line up to replenish the noisemakers and confetti, and return to the party. This week’s Guest Reader Tour Guide Assistant is Judy97. All aboard, The Loonview Express is about to depart. First stop, Loonview PD.

Loonview Law & Order: Asa’s Hat: The Saga Continues…

Clint’s ship is sinking, dear readers. There’s a line of guided missiles all set to blast his dastardly deeds to smithereens and he can only sit and wait for the bombs to go off. I don’t think I’ve ever salivated for someone to get their comeuppance as I have this sniveling old geiser as of late. Granted, I completely hate that Aubrey has even the smallest role in making that happen,( since I’m dying to see her on that sinking ship WITH Clint), but if it gets the wheels turning on the train that’s going to flatten the Asa-not, what the heck? It’s time to put this reign of terror (to both Loonview AND us viewers) to an abrupt end!

Asa has given Joey an ultimatum: have Aubrey sign a prenuptial agreement or be disowned. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t history proven that Joey is a flake when he’s “in love” and doesn’t respond to his parents or anyone else who disagrees with his choices? At the risk of giving away my age…DIDN’T HE REBEL WHEN HE WAS SLEEPING WITH DORIAN? Um, duh? Joey’s mind shuts down when he thinks he’s found “The One”. He creates fantasies of undying, everlasting love that will survive on flowery meadows, berries and nature, and the problem is that his partners have different views. Something Joey may have realized for himself if he actually took the time to GET TO KNOW his dates! He’s pathetic! Clint may be a paranoid schizophrenic, but he’s right on point in this respect. Aubrey needs to be stopped before she does any serious damage, plain and simple. Someone has to think for Joey because he can’t do it for himself. But enough about Joey, I’ve been Rogaine-free and Pepcid-free all week, I don’t want to regress now. I’ve having too much fun enjoying my extended Yuletide season to let a stray Buchanan ruin it now.

Back to Clint’s sinking ship.

The fringe benefits he once offered Inez has been rescinded. Both Robert and James have been expelled from their respective roles in Loonview University. Robert has lost his job and James has lost his grant. Bravo, writers, for staying consistent with the revitalized storylines content and giving Bobby a spine. He spilled the beans to Bo about Clint’s henchmen nearly beating him to death. It was hilarious to hear the details of that day be retold, but the added bonus was watching Bo sop up the details with vigor. While at this point, Bo would welcome ANY incriminating stories about Clint, the writers kept the storyline well-saturated with believability. Bo believed Ford, but let him know that they needed more to go on before he could make a move on the old demon.

Rama, Vimal’s wife, while she’s annoyingly peppy, is gunning for Clint’s throat, and I’m sure there is planet-wide group of viewers who are willing to support her campaign. I have no idea what will be the one domino that will send Clint’s world crashing down, but if it’s in the form of a tiny, spunk-filled filly, then so be it. Just get it done already!

Buchanan Family Affairs: To stop an Echo:

Well, last week she impressed me, this week…NOT! To be fair, she can only get as far as Charlie’s utter stupidity is allowing her to. She wants Charlie, and she has every right to try, I guess. But CHARLIE is the married one, and since HE created the messy tension, he needs to be equipped to keep as much peace in the household as possible. Frankly, Viki should have tossed her out a long time ago. There’s no way anyone should offer an olive branch to someone at the risk of uprooting their own tree, especially since that someone is using said olive branch to climb into their marital bedroom to covet their spouse. Hello, writers?

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