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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 28, 2010

Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - December 28, 2010


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for December 28, 2010


Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Matthew NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED!!!!! He has gotten away with being a little Clint way too long. BO needs to reel him in and hog-tie him to one of their thoroughbred broncos. I think a little drag around the racetrack might shock him back into humanity. With what drug is Clint lining the central air system in BE? Anyone near him is breathing in a new psychosis every second with every second they spend with him!

Again, I say, Nora and Bo needs to yank him up by the seat of his pants and hang him up on a coat hook, then take turns flogging the little Clint-a-like. I don’t care what he saw, or what he thinks he knows, he has NO RIGHT to speak to his parents the way he did. The words he uses are degrading and just outright inhumane, and until he truly becomes a responsible adult, fend for himself, and understand the life and obligations of an adult, he doesn’t get to talk the talk of one with his parents. He’s a ticking time bomb, and his parents need to act like his detonators. They need to contain and implode this possessed kid before he spreads like a virus.

Loonview’s Comedy Central: The Christmas Special

Echo DiSavoy coming down the Cramer chimney in a Santa suit was just hilarious! Dorian couldn’t have set her up any better than that. It’s about time. Viki has been stomached Charlie’s nauseating stupidity long enough. I get his motives. He wants to make Echo a good mom for their long lost “son”. Good intentions. But the old saying that says the road to hell is paved with good intentions applies directly to this situation. Charlie has already imposed on his marriage by moving the hustler into their home. When she kissed him and laid on the excuses as to why she did it, he should have made the decision to treat any Echo catastrophes with a looooonnnng-handled spoon. Instead, he stood within reach of Tornado Echo and got sucked into the funnel.

And then he discovers that she is drinking, and he offers to PERSONALLY sponsor her? There should be a law that allows people to finger-smack a person in the forehead and charge them five dollars for every time they do something deliberately and blatantly stupid. For example, someone should have dinged Charlie in the head and said, “Five dollars, knucklehead, for calling Echo and asking her to pass a message to Viki. She kissed you last week, stupid!”

And the turkey incident in the Llanfair kitchen should never have taken place, because Charlie should have made it clear that Viki, his WIFE, is the only queen of the Llanfair kitchen, and guests need to remain in the GUEST ROOM! He gives too many mixed signals to Echo to feel confident that she won’t make a move.

And if that five-dollar law was passed, Inez would have quite a few lumps on her forehead. HOW MANY WAYS is she going to get stuck and entangled in Clint’s web? Again, she TELLS Clint that she has a way out of the sex-with-Bo scheme, and what happens? He threatens to keep Nate locked up, and she plays the tortured victim again. UGH! Again, does anyone else feel that this all could have been avoided, (if she REALLY didn’t want to do this), just by telling someone about Clint? Please let the New Year bring new storylines!

There is no excuse or entertainment in this collage of nastiness we’re watching. We know that there are some exaggerations in soap opera realities, people are overnight sensations, children grow into adults like mutants, and the villainy is extreme, but when written well, these things are ENTERTAINING! The content that has become the Loonview storylines is NOT! It’s excessive, repulsive, unrealistic and insulting compilations of nonsense that send us away screaming and habitually watching to fill our timeslots.

Writers, we’re calling you, and we’re getting no response. Hopefully, the viewers, your main “investors”, will become important enough for you to actually read what you’re writing before it hits the airwaves. Make 2011 a year of fresh and not recycled. Put the SOPS to rest.

Until next week, readers. God bless.


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