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Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 6, 2011

Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - April 6, 2011


Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner - A Weekly Commentary for OLTL for April 6, 2011

Joey Buchanan

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Clint has skated long enough. Let him go to jail and grow a conscience. Maybe then he will free Joey from his blind ignorance, banish Aubrey and Cutter back to the slums, and dispense of Rama once and for all. The writers started out with a bang bringing Rama in, and now her character is a nuisance with a stagnated purpose. This storyline started out at a good pace, it climaxed well, then fizzled into a sketchy mess of loose ends. Get it together, writers.

Loonview Teen Beat: Calling all Parents!

Well, dear readers, after months of saying that Matthew was going to morph into a Mini Clint, the only thing I can say is…

I BET NORA AND BO WISH THEY HAD GIVEN HIM THOSE SWIFT KICKS IN THE REAR THAT I’VE BEEN RECOMMENDING IN MY PAST COLUMNS! I told you! Matthew was on a speeding train to Bratville, and for far too long he had gone unpunished and treated like a baby. Where that speeding train ended should not be too surprising to those of us who sat around screaming at our screens for Nora to backhand the little demon seed in the mouth on multiple occasions. To be fair, Matthew seemed just a tad bit scared of what his parents knew about Eddie Ford’s death, and he finally seemed to grasp the concept that he’s going to be in for some kind of heat from his parents. Too little, too late.

While we’re on the subject of demon seeds…

How’s Jack Manning for a modern-day Chucky? (For those of you youngsters who have no idea who Chucky is, go rent the DVD called “Child’s Play” and you’ll need no further explanations.) As if being a low-life coward and bullying a weaker child consistently and with premeditation, he has gone so far as to steal the Shane’s inhaler, and set him up to be humiliated in one of the worst ways imaginable. Shane’s experiences of horror, humiliation, hopelessness and embarrassment certainly hit their mark on us viewers. Austin Williams is doing a remarkable job playing the bully victim, while Farah Fath and John-Paul Lavoisier are doing an equally remarkable job playing the rattled parents of the victim. I’m prepping the huge bowl of popcorn for the Gigi Morasco Mad Mother Rampage Event. It’s going to be a heck of an adventure watching Gigi steamroll over all the guilty parties.

The despicably inhumane behavior and outright violation of Shane’s human right to exist is beyond inexcusable. It was WONDERFUL to see Starr take control as the older sister and put Jack in his place. She stood firm in her support of what’s right and made Blair see the truth as well. Bravo to Blair, for not refusing to see what a cowardly monster her son has become.

Destiny and Shaun has been getting more time onscreen, which never fails to gives some flavor to the twisted concoction One Life to Live has become. Seeing Destiny offer positive criticism and support to both Matthew and Shane reminds me that there is a Llanview outside of the “Loonview” and that there are still a few sane, good-hearted characters left that keeps what’s left of our beloved show.

Now for a scratching-my-head sound-off….

Exactly how does this out-of-the-blue porn movie storyline fit into all that’s going on in Loonview at the moment? I get that they forced a puzzle piece to fit into the Eddie Ford investigation, using Pig Rick’s camera as the piece that brought Clint to the top of the suspects’ list. But couldn’t that have been done by using the whole movie crew as extras with a few speaking parts to allow Rex’s storyline to develop without leaving us scratching our heads trying to make them fit in?

I have no qualms with Deanna’s character, and I think that the actress who plays her is doing a great job, but the whole storyline is the equivalent of a perfect stranger who walks into your family vacation picture just as the camera shoots it. Maybe this should have been introduced after the rest of these open-ended storylines get wrapped up. I guess we have to accept that Nu-Llanview doesn’t run on the same track as our beloved classic Llanview.

Cheers and Jeers of the Week


To Viki, Blair and Starr, Destiny and Shaun, Natalie and Brody: For doing an AWESOME job keeping their heads and dignities about them in the face of low-lives.
Rex, Gigi and Shane: For outstanding heart-tugging performances about a very serious situation.


Jack Manning, you little devilish, disrespectful SNOT! I hope Todd wakes up and uses you for hockey practice.
Matthew Buchanan, you murderous, angry little psycho! May you be sent to prison and become the pincushion for a big man named Brutus.
Marty: For being a little witch who never should have messed with Natalie’s DNA test in the first place. (Yes, fans, I believe this with every ounce of my being, and I’m not backing down).
John: For being human trash. Keep up your appetite, detective..the upcoming menu is Plate of Crow Deluxe.
Kelly: Ditz!
Tomas: For being a weasel who blew character potential.

Reader Response & Fan Site Discussion Feedback:

Busy, busy, busy! The fan site discussions and the emails have been heating up! Thank you very much. This week, I will address my email fans, and Facebookers, see the boards for your feedback.

Liz G, come on down!!! Yes, you did predict Matthew as Eddie’s killer, and congratulations to you for your keen observations. I myself always thought it was Matthew or Nora. Good job!

Wrapping It Up

Well, we are being held in the SOPS station due to a tangled web of open-ended, unresolved storylines, coupled with new ones that don’t seem to fit, yet tie up the tangles even more. The teens are finally being reeled in, and the psychos have returned. To be fair, some new doors have been opened up that might help to salvage the storyline fiasco twists we’ve endured, and hopefully will set the Loonview Express back onto a decent course. Keep your fingers tight on the survival kit latches, folks, it’s gonna be a long ride!

Until next week, readers. God bless.


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