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Bio of Kaydee Barnett

Bio of Kaydee Barnett - OLTL Guest Author for OLTL Commentaries


Bio of Kaydee Barnett

Kaydee Barnett - Commentary Writer for 'One Life to Live'

Copyright by Kaydee Barnett, 2010
Kaydee Barnett resides in Queens, NY, where she´s raising seven of her ten children. She began her first public writing career in 2001 writing One Life to Live recaps for Katherine Thurston on About.com. Being an avid lover and fan of One Life to Live, and frustrated with what she found to be scantily-detailed recaps on the web, having the opportunity to write for both of those thrilled her. In the four years she wrote as a recap writer, she developed a reader base who found her commentary-styled recaps very detailed and entertaining and has followed her until she ended in 2005. She has many writing accreditations, including being the author of a murder thriller, “Hush, Little Baby” as Kaydee Thompson, and the owner of an online viewpoint column entitled “And Then There's Kaydee”, which offers thought-provoking viewpoints about various important topics of our daily lives, but her first love was writing for her favorite soap and Katherine. She hopes to continue to entertain her readers, old and new.

Be sure to head over to Kaydee’s Sassy Soap Corner to catch all of Kaydee's Weekly OLTL Commentaries.

Kaydee Barnett's Personal Websites:

And Then There's Kaydee...

Hush, Little Baby

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