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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Marty tells Hannah that she needs to be less focused on Cole which she later on promises her that she’ll try not to be so obsessed with her son. Starr is angry to find out Hannah was set free after she accused her father of a crime he didn’t commit. She gets even more annoyed with Cole when she finds out that Hannah has been set free into Marty’s care. Starr tells Cole that she can’t be friends no longer with James and that they kissed. Cole asks her if she has feelings for James at the same time Starr asks how Cole really feels about Hannah.

Jessica thinks about having a fast wedding to Brody but he gets cold feet and tells her that he needs to do some wedding stuff of his own. Nat walks in on them hugging and afterwards spends some quality time with her sis. Brody goes to see Marty and tells her that it is a possibility that Ford could be the father of Jess’ baby. He tells her he loves Jessica very much but doesn’t know if he can come to terms of that possibility. Brody explains he has guilt that he’s feeling but can’t tell anyone because it will jeopardize too many lives. Marty tells him that Jessica was brave enough to confess to him and he should do the same if he really cares for her. Jessica expresses her jealousy for Natalie being able to know that John is her baby’s father and she’s left with doubts. Later she asks Nat to be her maid of honor. When Brody arrives back home he tells her he has something to say and tells her that he isn’t happy with the possibility of her carrying somebody else’s child. Jessica advises that they be straight with each other for now on.

Nate needs to get to the courthouse but his car won’t start. He calls James and he tells him he isn’t going anywhere because he needs a new starter. Nate tells him how bummed out he is about possibly losing Dani and James can feel his pain. Dani arrives at the courthouse with Blair and she tells Todd’s lawyer that he was going to kidnap her and wasn’t really sure where Todd went.

John gets Ross arrested and tells him he has evidence that Eli is still alive. He shows him the DNA report and accuses him as Eli’s accomplice. John tries making a deal with him that is he comes clean now that he’d give Ross visitation right to see Dani after he goes to jail. Ross is about to confess when the officer tells Ross that he has to come down to the courtroom and that the judge has made a decision. Meanwhile at Cherryville, Todd is about to enter Tea’s room when Dr. Evans intercepts. Greg asks why he’s there and Todd tells him that he needs him to testify in his behalf to get Dani back. Tea continues to anticipate Todd and Dani’s arrival and cries out for Todd after hearing voices outside her door. Todd stops for a moment and thinks he hears a woman calling his name. Todd threatens Evans and pushes him up against the wall. At first Dr. Evans isn’t sure if he could leave Tea but he goes in and checks on her and tells her that she’s dreaming and he’ll inform her of Todd and Dani’s arrival. Later a nurse comes in to give Tea a sedative and Tea is out cold not overhearing how the nurse recognizes Todd’s picture in the photo and says her husband was here earlier and wonders why Dr. Evans didn’t mention it.

John tells Ross if he confesses in front of the judge he’s show leniency. Ross arrives in the courtroom and tells the judge he has something to say but gets interrupted when Todd walks in with Greg. Todd demands he take the stand in his behalf and Dani is asked to wait outside. While this occurs, Ross sent at text message to Evans. Greg takes the stand and states that Tea wanted Ross to be Dani’s guardian.

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