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'One Life to Live' Recap for Thursday, October 14, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Nora catches Natalie looking at Tea’s obituary, Natalie is about to tell Nora about Greg but Bo interrupts and tells Natalie that he wants her to check out Starr’s car, which John just found. Nora and Bo eat lunch and realize how lucky they are to be with each other.

Hannah is just about to say something about Starr to Cole when Langston and Markko show up, pledging their support while Starr is missing. Markko is shocked to see Hannah, Langston fills him in on what happened. Hannah explains that she didn’t have anything really important to say, she goes to get drinks. Hannah overhears Markko reminding Cole how dangerous Hannah is, but Cole explains that Hannah has been great throughout Starr’s disappearance. Hannah returns, explains she has a doctor’s appointment, which Cole walks her to. Langston and Markko stay at the house, hoping Starr will call. Langston finds one of Hope’s toys in the living room.

Natalie arrives at Starr’s car with Theo Price. Natalie begins to tell John about Greg but John’s cell phone rings, he explains to Natalie that he’s got to go to Todd’s house ASAP. Natalie and Theo check out the car and find bloody bandages, a bracelet and a few fibers. Natalie notices that the trunk is too clean, Theo notices the same thing. Natalie tells Theo about what Greg said about Tea being alive. Theo confirms that Greg had a patient in Cherryvale Hospital. He and Natalie go to check it out, they find out that the patient is missing and the private nurse how was taking care of the patient quit this morning and has vanishes, along with all of the patient’s files. Theo and Natalie head back to Llanview.

Tea awakens, only to find herself locked in a room with a bed and a window that’s very high up. Tea tries to climb out the window but falls, she prays that Todd and Danielle find her. Tea thinks that she hears Danielle’s voice.

Meanwhile, Danielle wakes up in an abandoned warehouse with Elijah. Elijah ties Danielle to a chair, telling her that she is all alone because Starr and Hope got away.

Todd and Blair anxiously await by the phone for Elijah to call. Blair thinks it’s a bad sign he hasn’t called yet but Todd thinks positive. The phone rings and Elijah finally makes contact. Todd demands to talk with Starr, Hope and Danielle. Elijah realizes that Todd doesn’t know he doesn’t have Starr or Hope, but makes Todd think that he does. Elijah demands to talk with Blair, Todd reluctantly hands over the phone just as John shows up. John tells Blair to be cool. Blair talks to Elijah, asking him to speak with Starr. Elijah begins to apologize for what went down in Tahiti. Blair plays cool by saying that Tahiti is behind them, she wants to talk to Starr. Elijah tells Danielle to tell Danielle that she is ok, nothing else. Danielle tells Blair that she is fine, Blair hands the phone to Todd. Todd tells Danielle not to worry about anything, that she will be fine and he will do whatever it takes to get all his girls home, safely. Elijah gives his demands to Todd - $50 million for the return of his family. Elijah promises that he’ll call back with the drop off location. The line goes dead, an FBI agent explains that they were not able to get a trace on Elijah’s cell phone. Blair freaks out, thinking the worst. John explains Elijah needs the girls alive in order to collect his ransom, he doesn’t find it strange that Elijah wouldn’t put Starr on the phone and explains that they need to look at the possibility of Starr and Hope not being at the same place Danielle is. Natalie arrives at Todd’s house to help out, Todd sees Natalie taking Tea’s ashes and demands to know what she is doing.

Starr wakes up and realizes that she and Hope are locked in a room somewhere. Starr begins to remember that after Hannah found them in the hospital, she hit Starr over the head with something. Starr realizes that Hannah locked her up, Starr looks for a way to escape. She finds a bat and starts to hit the locked door. Hannah unlocks the door and enters the room. . .

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