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'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, November 1, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


John doesn’t believe Marty’s confession. James and Hannah eventually arrive at the station. Marty can’t believe that Hannah had kidnapped Starr and Hope/ Hannah tells her that she tried to save Cole from Starr but failed. Marty feels betrayed by Hannah for letting her stay with her. James informs Langston that Starr is ok. Hannah loses it and doesn’t believe she’d done anything wrong and thinks she’ll be released and hopes that Marty will defend her. Marty thinks she’s totally out of her mind and they take Hannah away. Marty begs John to put her in a cell away from her but John tells her that he doesn’t want to lock her up. John demands answers from Nat about the prints on the gun. Nat has no other choice to tell him that there were two sets, Marty’s and Cole’s. Marty begs John to help her and not to send her son to prison. He tells her he can’t because Natalie is involved and that he can’t risk her going to prison. John realizes that James left and heads after him. Nat apologizes to Marty and tells her if there was any way she could’ve spared Cole she would of. Marty doesn’t by her pity and slaps her across the face and that she’s going to seek revenge. Starr and Hope arrive home and are greeted by Cole. Starr explains everything that happened to them, from the time Hannah intercepted their phone call and all the way to the part where James came to her rescue when Hannah tried to kill them. Cole updates Starr about how Eli set off a bomb at a nearby warehouse and how he thought that she and Hope were inside. He tells her he lost it and killed Eli. Starr gets hysterical and tells them they need to get a lawyer but receive a knock on the door. They think it’s the cops but its James. James questions Cole about murdering Eli. James tells him that he overheard that the cops had some sort of evidence on Cole and that he came there to warn them. The cops arrive at Cole and Starr’s place but only find James.

Blair gets hysterical when Langston tells her about Hannah having Starr and Hope. Kelly arrives to check on her cousin. Lang tells them that Hannah was planning to kill Starr. Lang received a call from James and everyone is relieved to find out that Hope and Starr are ok. Dorian runs into Clint at the hospital and notices the necklace he has in his hands, Clint makes small talk about is she heard from David. Dorian tells him that he called but never accepted the charges. Dorian warns Clint about Echo but he’s confident that Echo won’t be any threat to him. Dorian lets him know that Viki hired an investigator to find out what Echo is up to. Dorian goes to see Blair and informs them that Marty killed Eli. Blair thinks Marty is a quack and deserves her license revoked for believing that Hannah wasn’t going to cause a threat to anyone. Starr and Hope go to the hospital to be reunited with the Cramer women.

Echo plays stupid not knowing anything about the necklace but Rex tells her he took a picture of it from her room. Echo is upset that Rex broke into her room and wants to call the cops. Viki tells her that Rex has a personal connection to the necklace and believes that she has the answers. Rex reads a part of the love letters his parents wrote to each other and Viki recognizes a part of it. Rex tells her that she has his father, Rick’s part of the necklace and that the other one was on his mother, Lily’s gravesite but is now missing. Echo tells them that she received the necklace from a man but not Rick and refuses to say who. Echo believes she can’t be anymore help to Rex. Viki tells her it’s not over and Echo rebounds with a threat. Viki asks Rex to reread the letters and thinks there might be more to them that’s really there. She tells him that she remembers something familiar about one of them. Meanwhile back at home Clint and Nigel are having a heart to heart and Nigel informs him that Roxy had befriend a woman, named Echo , which Asa had talked about posing a threat to the family. Clint assures him that he knows of her and tells him that she’s nothing he can’t handle. After Nigel leaves Clint opens up a book entitled Rick and Lily’s love notes and begins to read it.

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