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'One Life to Live' Recap for Friday, May 6, 2011

OLTL Episode Recap


Nate let James crash at his apartment last night, Nate takes James home and meets Deanna (and understands why Starr would be upset). Deanna receives a phone call telling her that she didn’t get the job at the restaurant, Nate promises to keep an ear open for any place that’s hiring – Nate also has an idea to help out James & Starr’s relationship.

John interrogates Tomas, with Tea there as his lawyer. John asks about shooting Todd, which Tomas denies. John shows Tea and Tomas the encrypted file he got from the CIA. Tomas tries to explain it, but can’t. Tea asks John for a few minutes alone with Tomas, wherein she asks him what he’s done. Tomas admits that he did something neither her nor Danielle will forgive him for if they knew about it.

Natalie is dropping something off in John’s office when she runs into Marty, who tells Natalie that she and John are back together. Natalie doesn’t believe it, but Marty insists that it’s true. John overhears the conversation and tells Natalie that his relationship with Marty is none of her business. Marty drops off some leftovers and leaves, Natalie demands the truth but John refuses to talk to Natalie – unless it’s regarding a case. Natalie explains that there was no trace evidence found inside the syringe. John thanks her and sees her out of his office. John returns to the interrogation room where he put Tomas back into his cell.

Blair takes Jack to see Todd, wherein she tells Todd everything that Jack did to Shane (and about Shane’s suicide attempt). Todd tells Jack that he was wrong to do that to Shane, Jack explains that he just wants to be like Todd. Todd doesn’t want Jack to end up like him because he knows how selfish and ruthless he was, Todd vows to help Jack become a better man. Todd sends Jack out so he can talk to Blair, Jack calls Brad and tells him what to write about Shane on MyFace. Todd and Blair wonder if Jack has really stopped bullying Shane, Blair hopes so and Todd promises to take a more active roll.

Meanwhile, Starr is talking to Danielle about her reservations about Deanna staying with James. Danielle thinks that Starr has every right to be upset, Starr knows that she and James are solid but she also knows that Deanna wants James back. Danielle is sure that James would never do anything to hurt Starr, Starr gets a call from James – who has a plan. Danielle and Starr rush over to James apartment, James explains that Deanna won’t be staying there anymore. Danielle is very upset to learn that Deanna will be staying with Nate.

Gigi and Rex take Shane for another therapy session. Dr. Buhari wants to see Rex and Gigi first, wherein they ask about Shane’s progress. Before saying anything about Shane, Rex confesses about hiring thugs to beat up Jack and Gigi returns the tape that she stole. Dr. Buhari explains that this kind of behavior will only hurt Shane in the long run. Meanwhile, Shane checks his MyFace page and learns that people are still bullying him. Dr. Buhari calls Shane in, Gigi and Rex confess what they did. Shane doesn’t think therapy will help because the bullying hasn’t stopped. Dr. Buhari explains that there will always be bullies, but she will help Shane deal with the bullying. Dr. Buhari gives Shane an assignment for his next session, they all leave. Rex, Gigi and Shane run into Todd, Blair and Jack in the hallways. Todd apologizes to Shane for Jack’s behavior and explains that Jack is being punished. Blair hopes that this will put an end to this horribly incident, as does Gigi. Todd takes Rex aside and threatens him should Rex hurt his son again.

Natalie follows Marty to Dr. Buhari’s office and overhears Dr. Buhari telling Marty that her tape was found. Marty is happy that no one will ever find out what she did. This statement piques Natalie’s curiosity, Natalie sneaks into Dr. Buhari’s office and steals Marty’s session tape. . .

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