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'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, March 1, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


When Andrew arrives at La Boule, Dorian becomes horrified and right away believes something has happened to Cassie. Cassie come in after Andrew and tells her that there has been a death. Blair and Starr become afraid that it was Addie once Cassie tells Dorian that her sister has passed. Cassie finally tells them that Kelly’s mother Melinda had passed away because of a heart attack. Dorian knows for a fact that her sister was in perfect help and thinks Mitch was behind her death. Kelly is heartbroken and doesn’t remember ever saying good bye to her mother. The Cramer women gather around and support her. Cole and his new friend work on their project but Hope begins to cry and interrupts them. Hannah couldn’t believe how Cole remained such a dedicated father and offers to meet at her dorm next time.

Jessica is thrilled to see Cristian and begins to kiss him. She informs him that she only remembers up to her high school years and knows she only wants to be with him. After Cris tells her that a lot had changed since then and that he’s with Layla, Jess becomes disappointed but still remains hopeful. Ford continues to put the moves on Langston and listens to the story of her life. Lang finally gives in to temptation, which makes Ford proud of himself after it’s done. Later Langston gets texts from Starr about how her mother’s sister has died. She rushes over to Dorian’s.

Allison Perkins posing as Roxanne reports back to Mitch. She informs him of Jessie’s state which begins to anger Mitch. Allison tells him that Melinda has died, which Mitch applauds her on a job well done. He tells her that he has another task for her. Mitch preaches that he’s not done reeking havoc and pain in Llanview just yet. Roxy and Brody are at the Buenos Dias Café and Roxy gives support to Brody. When Roxy leaves Alison is quick on her tail. Layla runs into Brody before heading to the station and isn’t too excited to hear that Cris went to see Jess. Brody goes to the hospital and finds Jessica asleep with the picture of her and Brody and Cris in the background and becomes hopeful until he finds her notebook with Mr. and Mrs. Cristian Vega written all over it with hearts.

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