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'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, June 21, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Ford tells John exactly what happened the night he was attacked and who his attacker was. Kelly assures Jessica that she isn’t the one who attacked Ford. Kelly goes back to the Sun and finds Shaun about to attack Reed, who was snooping around in Kelly’s office. Kelly makes Shaun back down and tells him he couldn’t possibly be a threat. After Shaun steps outside Kelly thinks twice about Reed. Reed tells her that she was the only person he was staying there for. He demands a reaction from Kelly and he smashes her mother’s vase onto the floor. Shaun runs in and is ready to throw Reed out the window. Kelly tells him that she’s through with him. She thanks Shaun for being such a good protector. As Kelly is picking up the pieces she notices a note folded up inside a broken piece.

Starr can’t believe that she was talking to Cole and thinks Jack is playing a trick on her. Cole confirms that it’s really him. Cole apologizes to her about the way that things were left. Starr tells him that she’s unable to see him. Starr tells him that it’s complicated and that she can’t meet with him for a few days. She tries her best to hide the trouble she’s in. Cole tells her that Hannah showed up at his hearing. Starr ends the call abruptly and gets angry at James for keeping her from Cole and Hope. She suddenly comes up with an idea that will get her back with Hope and Cole in no time. Cole tells Langston that Starr is hiding from him but Lang tells him that Starr can never stay away from him for that long. Hannah has every intention to tell Cole that Starr’s cheating on him. When she doesn’t get through to Cole on her cell she throws the cell and it hits the hitman chasing after James and Starr. He asks her how close she was with James and Starr after he finds the picture on her phone. Afterwards Hannah shows up at Dorian’s and finds Cole and tells him that Starr’s with her new boyfriend.

Gigi and Rex tell Shane that they are dating again. Rex asks Gigi on a second date to go to the quarry. Jessica runs into Brody at the Café and seems a bit anxious. Brody gets a call from John and he tells him to pick up Ford’s attacker. Brody later reveals to Jessica that it’s Hannah. Jess is relieved for a second time. At the hospital Ford asks John what’s going to happen to Hannah and he tells him that he wasn’t sure. Afterwards Ford gets a call and tells the person on the other end that he did everything the note said and told the police that Hannah was the culprit.

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