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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, June 15, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Gigi goes to Llanfair and finds Natalie and informs her that she’s going on a first date with Rex and asks to borrow a pairing of earrings. Rex arrives and tells them that he stopped by to speak with Natalie. When Gigi goes upstairs to get the earrings she overhears how nervous Rex is when he confides in Nat. While at the Sun John tells Kelly and Jess that Ford is awake and Jessica grows alarm. John asks Jess if she knew Ford and Kelly covers up for her. Knowing that he hit a wall John calls Natalie and asks her to meet him at the Buenos Dias. Jess goes back with Kelly to Llanfair and is about o come clean to Natalie but Kelly continues to protect her friend. Jessica thinks one of her alters may have assaulted Ford. Kelly suggests that a doctor check her out first before jumping to conclusions.

David and his lady friends take Matt to Capricorn. Blair scolds David when Matthew gets past the bouncer. Rex and Gigi are on their date at Capricorn as well and Rex confronts one of the lady friends and threatens to call Bo. While Matt is sitting with his date Gigi tells the other young woman that Matthew is the commissioner’s son. Fawn and Wendy get scared off and makes Matthew pretty bummed until big brother David surprises him with the two prostitutes back at the house. David gives Matthew a condom and Fawn takes Matt into his room.

At the Buenos Dias Café Nate and Dani are anxious about the money they found. Dani thinks they should turn the money in but Nate believes he needs the money and decides to keep it. John and Natalie have a conversation about Jessica’s involvement with Ford and John is intrigued to know that Jess and Ford had an encounter. Blair calls Tea to try to give her a heads up about Todd finding out about her condition just as Todd arrives at her door. Tea wants him to leave at first but she tells her that he’s not going to let her die and tells her that he loves her. Todd’s upset with her at first for telling Blair over him but then comforts her and tells him that he wants to be there when she decides to tell Dani. Tea grows emotional and tells Todd that she doesn’t want to leave him and their daughter. Dani returns how and is disgusted to see Todd and Tea together. Tea tells Dani that Markko was released and that Todd was there to get the scoop. Dani decides to go to bed. Todd promises to be there for her.

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