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'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, July 1, 2013 - 2nd Episode


'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, July 1, 2013 - 2nd Episode

Llanview's David Vickers

Copyright, 2013
David tells Rama that Dorian left Shelter and Rama wonders if it was because of her. He says he can take care of Dorian. David explains how he spoke to Vimal about Rama’s open marriage to him and hopes to be her next date. Cutter gets threatened by Niki when she tells him she’s more than willing to tell Nat about his fling with Briana. Dani runs into Matt and Michelle at Shelter and tries to insult Michelle. Dani starts to feel bad about poking fun of Michelle being an online date and seeks comfort in Arturo Bandini. Matt and Michelle begin to get close and share a dance before leaving. Dani informs Arturo that Briana was seeing another older man behind his back. Arturo is devastated after talking to Dani about how close he thought he and Briana were.

Nora gets an upset listener on the air. Destiny embarrassingly asks Jeffery on her double date with Cutter, Natalie, Liam and Drew and he graciously accepts. Dest questions if he’d feel weird going out with her, being Matt’s ex and all and Jeff assures her that they’d be fine. Matt and Michelle run into them later at the café and they listen to Nora on the radio. The caller was a mother of three that was so anxious that she couldn’t take it anymore. Matt and Destiny couldn’t keep their eyes off each other during the whole time, knowing how much it hit home. Nora calmed the runaway mom down and told her to go back home and go to sleep and discuss it all with her husband in the am.

Clint goes to apologize to Natalie and at first she’s unwilling to listen. He tells her that he was just being a Buchanan and doing things the Buchanan way which she doesn’t want to hear. Nat is about to throw him out when he apologizes for not being there for her as a little girl and explains how’s she right. The two eventually embrace and make up. In the middle of Tea and Blair’s quarreling Todd thinks up of a perfect plan to fake Victor's death. He tells them he can get his hands on a corpse and throw into water a few days to make the face unrecognizable and give Nat his DNA, which she’d have to agree to take since her mother’s life is in danger. Tea agrees to play the grieving wife but wants to tell the kids. Todd believes its best not to. Téaaccuses him of wanting the kids for himself, but Todd and Blair explain that it’s only for their safety. After Tea leaves Todd thanks Blair for having his back but she tells him she hopes she doesn’t regret it.

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