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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OLTL Episode Recap


After Starr and Baz share a kiss, Starr pushes Baz off of her and slaps him when he attempts to kiss her again. She denies kissing back and thinks Baz is arrogant. He apologizes and explains that’s how they kiss in Paris. Starr reminds him she has a boyfriend and storms off. Ford meets up with James in the same park Starr and Baz are at. Ford tells James about the great day he had with Jessica and the kids but James plays the protective brother and warns him that Jess is not Tess and never will be and wants him to end it. Later James tells Bobby that Nate helped out Deanna with finding her mother but that he’s encountered another obstacle, Baz whose befriended Starr when he’s been working over time. Ford tells his brother to quit working overtime and will handle it. James overhears Baz asking Starr is she’ll tell James about the kiss. Starr explains to James that she and Baz were worried about each others’ fathers. James tells Starr he has free time and the two leave for the night arm and arm.

Jessica arrives back home with the kids and Viki is thrilled to see that she and her grandchildren had such a great time. Viki is surprised to hear that Bobby had accompanied them. Jess tells Viki about the quarrel between Nat and told her to move out. Viki tells her that she’s the only one who’ll be doing the tossing and that she’ll need her sister in her life. Resenting her relationship with Tina, Viki begs Jess to try to make amends. Jess agrees then notices the two different photos of Todd on her mother’s desk. Viki tells Jess about Sam’s imaginary friend with Todd’s old face. Jess tells Viki that her Uncle Todd has always treated her differently ever since he got Walker Lawrence’s face. Viki explains she’s changed along with her brother. Natalie senses Brody’s stress and she explains how she’s still fighting with Jess. Brody offers her to move in again. Brody thinks their lives would be a lot better if they lived together. Nat believes it wouldn’t be fair to John, knowing how he still thinks of Liam as his. But with some coaxing from Brody and after making love Nat agrees to move in. Later Ford drops off Ryder’s favorite blanket for Jess.

John lets Tea in while TM hides in the bathroom listening in. Before Tea reveals what she knows she wants assurance from John that her entire family will remain safe. Tea explains how she thinks the CIA is after her husband. Tea tells John that there was corruption with the CIA that her husband and brother are tied up in. Tea begins to believe that John is throwing her off and gets upset and is about to storm out and find answers from Todd but John stops her. John tells her to play along with Tomas’ story in front of Todd and that he’ll be in touch. Meanwhile at Manning’s Tomas gets scolded from Todd and tells him to keep his mouth shut from now on, Tomas tells Todd he’s received a visit from Baker and wanted him to go back to Paris. Tomas decides to remain dedicated in sticking around and protecting Todd’s family. When Tea arrives home she finds her husband and brother being all chummy. Tomas tells her to trust him to keep her family safe. Todd decides to step back this time which shocks Tea agrees with them but wants to know who shot Todd. Todd tells her that you can have a lot of enemies when you’re TM. TM comes out and tells John that he would’ve liked to see Tea but John tells him that nobody can see him yet. John tells TM that he believes Tomas is helping Todd out and needs to prove it.

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