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OLTL Recap for Thursday, January 28, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


OLTL Recap for Thursday, January 28, 2010

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Todd is awakened by a nightmare in which Mitch killed Tea and Danielle. Tea hears him thrashing about in his room and checks on Todd to see if he's ok. Todd explains the nightmare, Tea makes him realize that both she and Danielle are fine - having just called Starr to check in on Danielle. Todd doesn't know what he'd do with himself should he lose either Tea or Danielle, Tea promises that nothing will happen to her or their daughter.

Rachel stops by Rodi's for a drink, she runs into Gigi. Gigi asks Rachel if she's noticed Schuyler acting a little strange the past few days, thinking there is something up with him. Rachel hints that there is something up, but chooses to keep Schuyler's confidence and asks Gigi if the baby wasn't Rex's, would she leave Schuyler and go back to Rex. Gigi explains that she loves Schuyler too much to go back to Rex, no matter the paternity of the baby. Rachel thinks Gigi needs to tell Schuyler that she loves him.

Rex shows up at the firing range, Dorian is there. Rex explains that he wants a permit to carry a gun to protect his family but Lowell refused to grant him one. Dorian asks Rex who'd he would shoot. Rex explains that he wants to keep Mitch as far away from his family as possible.

Stacy receives a copy of her last will and testament in the mail for her to sign, she still wants Kim to be her baby's legal guardian should something happen to her. Kim tells Stacy to think positive, nothing will happen to her, Kim finally agrees to be the baby's legal guardian - if something were to happen to Stacy. Meanwhile, Fish is guarding outside the door when Schuyler shows up for a visit. Fish tells Schuyler that he knows Stacy's baby is his, not Rex's. Schuyler tells Fish to keep his mouth shut, for the sake of the baby and Stacy. Schuyler goes in to see Stacy, he flashes the vile of Oxytocin and promises to administer the drug to Stacy with a few conditions: first, he is to be named legal guardian if anything happens to her or Rex, second, Schuyler wants to examine Stacy before he gives her the drug to make sure that both she and the baby are in excellent condition. Kim doesn't want Stacy to agree to the conditions, but Stacy feels that it's the only way to get Schuyler to administer the drug. Stacy gives Schuyler a copy of her will and names him guardian, she promises to fake going into labor tomorrow and meet up with Schuyler at the hospital so they can put their plan in action. When Schuyler leaves, he tells Fish not to tell Rex that he was there - or Schuyler will tells that Kyle breached doctor/patient confidentiality.

Viki is elated that Charlie has returned, but her heart is broken because she can no longer trust him. Charlie explains that the drink she saw in front of him at the bar wasn't his, he also explains that he spent last night in a hotel - even producing a receipt. Viki is upset with him, Charlie explains that he is sober and wants to be there for Viki because of Jessica's disappearance. Viki gets a call from the Buchanan's in London, looking for an update on Jessica. Charlie gets a call from Dorian, asking him to meet her ASAP. Charlie tells Viki he's got to go, he runs off.

Charlie meets with Dorian, Dorian explains that she has found a way to lure Mitch out of hiding - she will use Rex's child to bring Mitch out from where ever he is.

Mitch is keeping Jessica sedated, he tells her that she'll be a mother to Rex's baby - filling the hole in her heart that was left when Chloe died. Jessica tries to keep her faculties about her, she is groggy from the sedative Nurse Charles gave her. Jessica tells Mitch that stealing Rex's baby is wrong. Mitch explains that all he wants to do is be a family again, like they tried to be before. Jessica wants no part of Mitch plan and wants to go back to the people she loves, the people that are her family. Nurse Charles gives Jessica something that knocks her out, Mitch straps her to the table. Nurse Charles wonders what they'll do now that Jessica isn't so cooperative. Mitch explains, although he'll hate doing it, he must erase Jessica's memory to make her forget about her past life and all of the people that she's ever loved. . .

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