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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OLTL Episode Recap


John throws everyone out of Rodi’s to drink away his pain in private but doesn’t realize that Kelly was left in the bathroom and question him what’s going on. She tells him she can’t go anywhere because she’s drunk and he allows her to stay. Both share their sob stories. Kelly tells him about how the love of her life married someone else and John tells her how Liam isn’t his. He tells Kelly how badly he wanted Liam to be his. James dreams about Starr lying next to him and then wakes up. James goes into the living room and finds Dani and Nate. Dani surprised that James isn’t with Michelle and he tells her he broke it off. Dani insists he goes after Starr. James reminiscences all the encounters he had with Starr including the day they met. Blair finds Starr at Capricorn and asks if she’d stay to sing a few songs with her but Starr tells her that she’s too embarrassed to. Starr finds Langston waiting for Ford at the bar. Lang tells Starr to go after James. Starr eventually has the courage to go after James. Dani tells Nate she’s ready to have sex with him and wants to go back to her place. Just when James is about to venture off to find Starr she’s knocking at his door. Blair tells Cris that her secret admirer is in Llanview and when Cris asks why she doesn’t pursue him she tells him because she’s attracted enough loons to last her a lifetime. Later Blair notices Tomas out of the corner of her eye.

Natalie tells Viki that Brody is Liam’s father and that she’s been lying to everyone. Meanwhile Brody takes Ryder out of Ford’s arms and tells him he’s the baby’s father. Brody tells Ford that he’s nothing to Ryder. Ford tells him he’s going t find Jessica. Brody warns him to stay away from Jess and man handles him out of the nursery and drags him downstairs. Viki and Natalie overhear the commotion and are shocked at Brody’s brutality. After he throws Ford out the door, Viki asks where Jessica was and nobody knows. Before Brody goes out looking for Jess he bonds with Nat and Liam. Jessica gets taunted by Tess in the reflection of the mirror at Foxy Roxy’s. Tess tells her that she can’t make it without her and begs her to come out to play. Jessica tries to be strong but the reality that Tess talks to her about weakens her. Tess tells her that she’s handle Natalie in the past and will do it again. Tess eventually comes out and trashes the place and makes her way out to the real world and later runs into Ford outside Capricorn.

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