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OLTL Recap for Thursday, February 25, 2010

Daily OLTL Recaps


Rachel finds Schuyler in the chapel of the hospital, praying for Sierra. Rachel explains that she’ll always be there for Schuyler, she also explains that she found the empty bottle of Oxytocin in his bag and the hospital has launched an investigation (explaining that she gave the empty bottle to Tea). Schuyler doesn’t care about his career right now, all he cares about is Sierra, though Schuyler does assure Rachel that he did not administer the drug to Stacy.

John is at Capricorn, hoping that Marty will show up in response to his invitation. Cris can see that John is getting antsy and calms him down with a drink. Marty finally shows up, John asks Marty to forgive him for kissing Natalie. Marty begins to understand that Natalie was delusional and confused, John explains that both he and Natalie knew what they were doing – the second time they kissed. Marty is upset that they kissed not once, but twice. John explains that he thinks he and Marty have a real shot at a relationship, going as far as to tell Marty that he loves her. He and Marty kiss.

Viki and Natalie stop by to see Rex and Gigi, to find out about the baby. Viki fills Rex in on Jessica’s condition. Viki and Natalie leave to go see Jessica but Brody is already in the room with her. Viki hopes that Brody isn’t pushing Jessica too hard to remember. Natalie thinks that Brody should do everything he can to help Jessica remember. Natalie tells Viki of her time in the shack with John, Viki wonders if Natalie is falling for John again – which she assures Viki that she isn’t. Meanwhile, Brody is trying to get Jessica to remember their life together by showing her pictures and movies. Jess apologizes but she doesn’t remember a thing about their past life. Brody kisses her, hoping that it’ll spark something but Jessica doesn’t feel any connection to Brody. Once Brody leaves, Viki goes in to see Jessica. Jessica explains that she doesn’t remember Brody, but she remembers Cristian.

Starr, Cole and Markko hang out at Capricorn and talk about the concert. Hannah, a girl in one of Cole’s classes, steals Cole away so they can talk about a project. Starr is immediately jealous, Markko tells her to calm down because Cole isn’t into Hannah at all – he loves Starr. Starr tries to be ok with it, but she is distraught. Markko feels the need to return to the apartment to be with Langston. When Cole returns he can see that Starr is upset, Starr tells Cole that she isn’t upset or jealous of Cole’s new friend.

Langston and Ford kiss, when Langston pushes Ford away it makes him want her even more. They are about to make love when Markko tries to open the door – he can’t because Langston locked the door with the chain. She quickly hides Ford in the closet, then sends Markko for an aspirin so she can sneak Ford out. Markko smothers Langston, saying that she is the best thing that ever happened to him. Langston feels uncomfortable because of what she was about to do and rushes into their bedroom.

Gigi can’t believe that she trusted Schuyler, she also feels that Rex should be furious with Schuyler for not telling the truth and letting Rex become attached to the baby as if it were his own. Rex explains that he wants to focus all his energy on making sure the baby is okay and that Gigi gets thru everything ok. Gigi is grateful for all of Rex’s support, despite her decision to give her heart to the wrong person. Gigi and Rex wait for news, Schuyler shows up – also waiting for news. A doctor shows up to tell them all that Sierra made it thru the surgery without a hitch but the next 24 hours are very critical to the survival of the baby. Rex, Gigi and Schuyler sit to wait out the next 24 hours, hoping everything is ok with Sierra Rose. . .

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