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OLTL Recap for Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daily OLTL Recaps


OLTL Recap for Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Todd Manning

Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010
Todd and Tea share a very passionate kiss at Todd’s home. Tea tells Todd, “Don’t stop.” Their intimate conversation develops into more sexual desire and hot, luscious kisses. Todd and Tea begin their dance of passionate seduction. It feels too good for both of them. Todd expresses to Tea how miserable he has been since Dani and Tea left town. Tea says, “Oh the room is spinning.” Todd tells Tea, “I want to hold you, kiss you and make love.” Tea says, ”What if this is a mistake?” They both fall back on Todd’s bed and embrace. Clothes start falling off their bodies in anticipation of making love. Tea and Todd speak after making love and wonder if it was a mistake~ and they decide they don’t care if it was or wasn’t a mistake.

Langston shows up at Markko’s film class late and finds Ford in the classroom. She questions him why he is there and he tells her, “It is my classroom.” Langston and Ford begin yelling at each other, in a gentle sexy manner. Ford questions their past kiss at Langston’s birthday party. Ford is a tall, dark haired, virile male pulsating with sex appeal. Langston seems to be totally consumed with his attractiveness. She tells Ford that she hasn’t told Markko that they shared a kiss at her recent birthday party. Ford and Langston discuss their friendship. Langston defends her current relationship with Markko. Langston questions Ford. “We can’t even be friends?” Langston and Ford decide to take their partial friendship for a test drive. Ford tells Langston she needs to change her musical. Ford offers Langston his office for her to write in a peaceful atmosphere. He gives her his schedule and keys to his office. Langston smiles coyly as she stares in awe of Ford’s attractiveness.

Markko and Starr are having a conversation at their apartment. Starr tells Markko that Cole just called, and Marty, Cole’s mother is in jail. Starr informs Markko that Brody shot his way out of the court room. Jessica is missing; Marty is in jail; and John and Brody are on the run. Starr asks Markko how his film class went today. He tells Starr he wants to learn even though Ford’s a real jerk. Starr approves and tells Markko she is very proud of him. Markko says he is not concerned about Langston’s relationship with Ford. He trusts Langston. Markko tells Starr how he found Langston in Ford’s apartment ~shirtless. Starr questions him further. Markko tells Starr that Langston was there looking for an apartment to rent. Starr gets upset that Markko and Langston are looking for a place to move. Markko says Langston and him don’t see enough of each other. Langston is always writing her musical, he says. Langston suddenly enters the apartment and gives Markko a loving hug.

Brody, John and Natalie are in the car searching for Jessica. They lose the location transmission signal, of a phone signal, from Mitch’s location. Natalie is driving the search van with Brody and John riding in the back. It begins to snow heavily. John suggests Natalie get out of the car so Brody and John can proceed up the mountain without her. Natalie refuses. John is concerned for Marty’s safety back in Llanview. He felt he left her holding the bag after their get away. Natalie calls her mom and leaves a message that she is ok. Brody, John and Natalie continue driving through the blizzard in search of Mitch’s hideout. John decides they should head to the old Observatory that has been closed for many years. It is no longer on a map because it is a decommissioned area. Brody expresses his true love for Jessica to John and Natalie. He tells them with much emotion. “She looks at me and sees a good person.” The weather conditions worsen as more snow continues to accumulate. The driving has become extremely difficult on such a desolate mountain road surrounded by dense trees and a heavy snowfall. Natalie continues to steer the car into the darkness and snow on the narrow mountain road.

Stacy is in a hospital room. She is not in labor. She has faked her labor pains and water break at the apartment. She had thrown water on the floor. Nurse Charles appears. Stacy has disappeared from the hospital room. Stacy ends up in the hospital parking ramp with Dorian. Nurse Charles is searching for Stacy and finds her in the ramp. After a confrontation with Dorian and Charlie, Nurse Charles forces Stacey into her car. As they are driving in the car, Nurse Charles tells Stacy, “The messenger has a plan for the baby.” Stacy becomes more alarmed. The blinding snow is making driving difficult for Nurse Charles. She glances through her back car window and says to Stacy, “The mayor and her puppy are following us.” She informs Nurse Charles that she isn’t due for another month. She also declares that this is not Rex’s baby. Stacy’s phone rings. It is Kim. Kim speaks with Kim and then tells her she has been kidnapped. Nurse Charles continues to drive into the dangerous snow conditions on the mountain road towards the Observatory where Mitch is holding Jessica hostage.

Kim and Rex became frantic and don’t know where Stacy disappeared to in the hospital. Kim tells Rex it was a false alarm and Stacy isn’t in labor. Rex says “False Alarm!!” They try to call Stacy and get no answer. Stacy is with Dorian. Rex becomes very anxious and screams at Kim. He questions her why she is so calm. Kim tells Rex that Stacy is only a baby container to her. Kim tells Rex she has no idea where Stacy is. Rex decides to call Oliver (Fish). Kim decides to phone Stacy.

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