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'One Life to Live' Recap for Monday, August 30, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Greg apologizes to Todd and Dani that they are too late and that Tea died. Dani breaks down and Todd doesn’t believe it’s true. He starts to go after Greg and demands to see Tea. Todd accuses him of lying to them and thinks he has Tea hidden somewhere. Todd wants to see her body but Greg tells him the Tea’s last wishes were to be cremated. Shaun tells Todd that Dani needs her and warns him to stop. Dani tells her father that she believes Dr. Evans and that they arrived too late. Todd and Dani console each other and Shaun and Greg step outside. Looking distraught Greg gets question by his brother wanting to know what he’s hiding. Clint goes to see Dorian and tells her that he has something from David he wanted to give her. She tells him that she doesn’t want any part of David and has left him. Clint asks her about the note David wrote her and lies telling her Viki told him what happened. Clint tells her that he’s responsible for David leaving her, only meaning how he faked how he and she were a supposed couple. He gives her the ring that David was supposed to give her. Later Clint lies about how everyone was talking about her and advises her to stay in her room for a period of time.

Layla surprises Cris with a grant from L U that she applied for him. At the same time Cris surprises Layla with her dream wedding dress which she designed and he sent to Adriana to give to a designer. After Layla gets off the phone with Adiana to thank her she finds out that the fashion designer wants her to work for him in Paris. Destiny doesn’t like how Matthew has changed and warns him to stay away from the dark side. She advises him that he’s turning into Asa and his Uncle Clint. They later both agree that it isn’t like David to hurt Dorian again. Shortly after their conversation Clint approaches Matt with an offer.

Eli and Blair get married. While in Llanview McBain, Rex and Kelly try to figure out Eli’s whereabouts. John finds out Ross is still alive and gets an officer to get info on him. While John steps out to find Bo so they can get a warrant for Eli’s arrest by the Tahitian police, Kelly asks Rex to get her water. Kelly looks into the folder and finds Ross’ cell number. Elijah tells Blair that they will be home later that night. Ross offers his place for the newlyweds till then. Eli sees his brother out and Ross drops his cell in the room. Kelly calls the cell and Blair picks up. Kelly tells her that John has proof of everything Eli has done and finally convinces her cousin that she’s in grave danger. Kelly asks her to confront Eli about his ex wives. Ross tells Eli he lost his phone and Eli angrily hopes it’s not inside with Blair. Eli finds Blair on the phone and he gives his brother the phone. He checks the number and sees it’s restricted and tells his brother that something needs to be done about it. Eli goes back inside and confronts Blair. She tells him that his wife, Olivia Thompson was on the other end. She accuses Eli of being both Bennett and Greg and of killing all his wives and knows she’s going to be next. Just before Ross is about to leave, the police come to arrests Eli, but Ross tells them that he’s Elijah Clarke and the other two alias. Kelly gets caught by John that she contacted Blair and later they get news of Eli being arrested.

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