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'One Life to Live' Recap for Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OLTL Episode Recap


Tea wants Blair to convince her that Todd didn’t push Marty. Blair doesn’t know what to think but just wants to rid herself of Manning. Tea tells her that they both need to be concerned for their children’s sake and decide to go to the high school to find Starr and Dani. Gigi visits with Viki and welcome her home. Gigi brings her up to date that Roxy and Mitch aren’t Rex’s parents and that he doesn’t know who he belongs to. Viki explains how fortunate she was to reconcile things with Charlie and believes Gigi should do the same with Rex. Meanwhile at the hospital Rex goes to visit with Bo. Bo announces the news that he’s marrying Nora. He tells Rex he needs to make amends with Gigi and get back together. Rex shows Bo the necklace of the broken heart and Bo tells him to run it by the station so they can find out who has the other part.

Nora visits Marty. Marty tells her that she first suspected Natalie pushed her but thinks she made a mistake and now thinks it Todd. Nora promises her that she’ll do everything in her power that whoever the culprit is he or she will pay. Marty congratulates Nora on her engagement to Bo. After Nora leaves Marty remembers her conversation with Manning and her fall. Langston overhears Destiny and Matt talking about lying but are able to explain themselves to Langston without spilling the beans about what they know about Lang and Ford. Hannah tells Cole that she saw Todd push his mother down the stairs.

Starr makes Todd swear that he wasn’t the one who pushed Marty. Starr believes her father. Dani tells Todd that she noticed him watching her during their rehearsal and tells him she’s willing to quit being the role of “ Starr”. Todd tells her that she doesn’t have to . Dani invites her dad to watch her and is willing to have a civilized conversation with him. Markko notices that Langston got a text message but she lies to him and tells him it was a girl in her class. Markko realizes he left the camera rolling and is about to play it back when Cole comes busting through the gym doors. Cole begins accusing Todd of being a murder and a baby killer. Todd tells him he’s mistaken and that he’s out of his mind. Starr tries to explain to Cole that her father isn’t lying. Cole tells him that Hannah witnessed him doing it and tackles Todd to the floor splitting his head open. Cole goes into an uncontrollable rage and continues to punch Todd. Starr begs him to stop.

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