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'One Life to Live' Recap for Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Nora asks Troy where they are. Troy answers where they can live forever. He points out the beauties of the lake house: fishing, swimming, nature walks. Nora reminds him that she's not a nature kind of gal. When Troy asks for another chance, Nora agrees. But Troy then asks if she's lying again. Nora tells Troy that she cherishes her memories with Troy. She doesn't want to hurt him but she loves Bo. Troy brought her there so they can start over. Nora insists that nothing's going to change how she feels. Troy insists that she's wrong and he'll prove it. He pulls a duffle bag from under floor boards. When Nora repeats that she loves Bo, Troy responds, "Because I was in prison." Nora insists that it was because of the things he did to her; nothing could make her forget Bo. Troy pulls a hypodermic needle from the duffle bag and says, "There is."

Mitch pushes Natalie into a chair. Wearing a monk's robe, he pontificates that the Lord has set him free so he may lead his flock to a new day. He whines that they've been scattered to the winds. Using Natalie's phone, Mitch calls and Viki puts it on speaker. He tells Viki that Natalie's okay. Natalie hears John and tells him she's okay; she asks about Clint. Then she yells, "Church! We're in a church!" Mitch informs John that he disabled the GPS on Natalie's phone. Viki says that she wants her daughter back and asks what Mitch wants. Mitch tells Viki she can have her daughter back -- as soon as he gets his. Of course, Viki refuses. Mitch gives them one hour and warns no cops, no tricks. Jessica. Or Natalie dies.

While Mitch waits for the hour to pass, Natalie taunts him. "You think you're a man of God, but you've broken every commandment." Mitch spouts a Bible verse about not judging lest you be judged. He says he needs to make amends, show Jessica how much he's changed. Then his flock will believe he's changed and they can start again. Mitch reminds Natalie that she slept with Jessica's fiancé and almost married him, then lied about her baby, and Jessica forgave her. She'll forgive him. Natalie retorts, "Not gonna happen."

At Llanfair, Clint tells them that Mitch is not getting Jessica; they all know what he did to her before. Jessica overhears and tells them, "I'm the one he wants. I'm the one he gets." She insists that the only way to get to Mitch is through her. Without her, he'll kill Natalie. She didn't patch things up with Natalie just to lose her now. If she doesn't do this and something happens to Natalie, she'll never forgive herself. Viki reminds her that Mitch preys on her vulnerabilities. John refuses Jessica's help; saying it's a police procedure. At the end of the hour, Mitch calls and asks, "Do I get my daughter?"

At La Boulaie, Sam, unable to sleep, opens the door to see James, who asks to see Starr. James tells Starr about the Statesville jailbreak. Cole is among 200 prisoners still unaccounted for. He asks if she's seen him.

Alone in the cabana, Cole looks through a photo album. When he sees a photo of Starr with James, he leaves the cabana. Outside, Sam pulls a toy ray gun on him and tells Cole he's supposed to be in jail. Cole then leads him into the cabana. Cole explains to Sam that sometimes you have to break the rules. He asks if Sam remembers 'Green Eggs and Sam'? Sam responds that Officer McBain made him a deputy and he has to arrest Cole. Cole says he just wants to spend time with Hope, like Sam's father would want to spend time with him. He asks Sam to not tell on him.

Police officers arrive at La Boulaie and insist on searching the house and grounds. After searching the house, they break into the cabana. Sam pops up from behind a chair, arms in the air, holding his ray gun. The cops take him back to the house. After the police leave, James leaves to check on his mother. He reminds Starr to call the police if Cole comes. After James leaves, Sam says to Starr, "We lied to the cops." Starr insists that no one else can know. She returns to the cabana where she complains that she had to lie to James and tell Sam it was okay to lie to the cops was okay. Cole says he loves her; he never stopped. He kisses her.

James lets himself into the house and sees Sam sitting on the stairs. He asks where Starr is. Sam says it's a secret. He's not supposed to tell anyone, especially James.

Bo sends officers to search for Nora and Troy. After they leave, Lindsay Rappaport knocks on the garden door of the apartment. Although Bo is suspicious of Lindsay, she protests her innocence; she is not helping Troy. She pleads with Bo to trust her and reports her conversation in the library earlier with Troy. He said he'd be with Nora soon. Later, at the brownout, she told a guard, but then it was the blackout and she ran. She tried to convince Troy that Nora loves Bo. But Troy just repeated that he and Nora and Matthew would soon be a family. That gives Bo an idea of where Troy took Nora.

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