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'One Life to Live' Recap for Friday, January 13, 2012


Starr arrives in Los Angelas with Hope and bunks with Markko and Langston for the time being. After Starr puts Hope down for a nap, Starr tells them that Cole is really alive. Both Markko and Langston are relieved, Markko answers a phone call. Langston tells Starr that she is upset over Ford’s death. The doorbell rings and Starr answers it to find her new bodyguard (that Todd sent) and it turns out to be Cole. Starr and Cole can finally be together, Markko and Langston are happy to see Cole.

Destiny'swater breaks and Bo, Nora, Richard and Felecia frantically try to decide what to do. Vivian takes over, says there is no time for the hospital and starts to delegate. Nigel rushes to get boiling water, Roxy runs to find shoelaces. Matthew shows up, telling Bo that David convinced him to come. Matthew tells Destiny that, although he’s scared, he’ll be there for her and the baby. Destiny has her baby, they name is Drew. Bo calls David to thanks him for talking with Matthew, Nora and Bo can’t believe that they are grandparents. Bo tells Nora that he loves her and will always love her.

Tea and Tomas' reunion is cut short because of Tomas’ newly formed vendetta against Todd. Tomas wants to tell Blair that he is innocent and reveal what Todd did to him. Tea explains that Blair doesn’t know what she and John have been working on, also telling Tomas that Blair and Todd have been getting close. Tomas wants Todd to pay for what he did to him, John promises that he will – John just got off the phone with Judge Runyon and an arrest warrant has been issued for Todd.

Blair takes Todd upstairs, but just before they make love Todd pulls away telling Blair that he doesn’t think he can do this. Blair wonders what he means, Todd admits that he’s done stupid, unforgivable things but Blair seems to put all that on the back-burner as she is sure she found someone without secrets and that she loves. Todd succumbs to passion. Minutes after they are finished, John bursts in and places Todd under arrest for the murder of Victor Lord Jr.

Clint hands the DNA test results to Viki, asking her to open them. Viki opens the envelope and reads the results just as Natalie and Jessica come in. Viki shows the paper to Clint, who tells Jessica about Allison’s crazy idea that Jessica is really his daughter and not Mitch’s. The DNA test confirms that Jessica is Clint’s daughter. The whole family is elated to learn of the news. Natalie rushes to call Rex, happy to tell him the good news that he has another sister. Jessica tells Clint that she always thought of him as her father, no matter what. Jessica goes to answer the door, Brody (newly released from St. Anne’s) stops by to say goodbye to Jessica as he is leaving Llanview but will always be there for her if she needs anything. Meanwhile, Clint comes to the realization that he could’ve lost everything and doesn’t intend to waste another minute. Clint gets down on one knee and proposed to Viki, Viki quickly accepts.

Crazy Allison Perkins is held up in an undisclosed location, with a final draft book manuscript entitled “One Life to Live.” Allison begins to tell someone, who is tied up in bed and being held prisoner by Allison, about the beginnings of her “story” and how it reflects on one person – Victoria Lord. Allison says “one chapter is closing but another chapter is just beginning.” As she closes the manuscript, Allison places it on the bed. The person tied up on the bed is revealed to be Victor Lord Jr. . .

Goodbye Llanview, we will miss you!!! 

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