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Christmas Stuns Early This Year- OLTL Recap for Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daily OLTL Recaps


Fish comes home and catches Cris and Layla getting out of the bedroom together. When Cris goes to clean up, Oliver tells Layla about Nick’s assault and how his date with Kyle ceased to happen. Afterwards Layla gets reminded about her sister’s hate crime and gets comforted by Cris. Oliver goes to the hospital and asks Nick to pick out who attacked him from a bunch of mug shots.

Mrs. Evans thinks it’s best that Destiny go back to Llanview after the Ross ordeal. She has second thoughts of her daughter seeing Matt again but Destiny insist she will see him when he returns to Llanview. Matthew doesn’t want to leave the hospital until he gets word on Dani. Clint insists that Bo and Nora take the jet and bring Matt back home. Bo and Nora remain to feel guilty about their affair and hope that no one tells Clint until they get a chance. Nevel arrives to the Buchanan mansion and gets greeted by Nigel. Nevel tells his cousin about how Nora is cheating on Clint with Bo. Kim overhears while she goes back to get a file for Clint.

John is holding Laurence in his office and Mitch continues to be a thorn in John’s side. Mitch insults Marty and then tells John what he plans to do with his love, Natalie. John gets provoked and tells Laurence that he’d kill him. Natalie returns to Buchanan Enterprises and finds Kim meddling around in Jared’s office. Natalie is so livid that she puts Jared’s letter opener through the desk and demands to know why she’s there. Clint overhears and informs his daughter that he’s hired Kim. Later on Clint gives Natalie the bad news of how the Napa police had insufficient evidence to convict Laurence of Jared’s death and that the other two deaths pointed to Jared not Mitch. Natalie asks for some time alone and Clint tells her he’d check in later. Natalie finds a Christmas present that Jared was going to give her with a letter. His letter stated how he wanted to marry her with a real ceremony on New Years and to go on their honeymoon and begin to create a family. The present he gives her is a book of baby names. When Clint goes back to check on her he notices that the letter opener is gone as is Natalie. Natalie goes to John’s office and confronts Mitch and tells him she has nothing left to live for and takes the letter opener and stabs him in the chest.

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