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One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back- OLTL Recap for Thursday, December 3, 2009

OLTL Episode Recap


Viki finds Natalie still sitting at Jared’s grave. Natalie is afraid to leave the grave, feeling that if she left she would be leaving Jared. Viki tells Natalie to remember the good times they had, even though their marriage was very short. Natalie thinks that the only way she can feel better is to hurt Mitch, but Viki feels Mitch is better left to the authorities because once you hurt like Mitch you become what he is. Natalie can see Viki’s point, but doesn’t accept it. Viki gets Natalie to return to Llanfare.

Blair and Jack arrive home from school, where Blair was in the principal’s office due to Jack’s behavior. Jack explains that he’s afraid Todd will never come home. Blair admits that she is the reason Todd and Tea broke up, she even tells Jack that Tea didn’t try to steal Todd’s money. Jack wishes the people in his life would be straight with him, Blair is saved when the phone rings and she learns that Todd is in Seattle, in jail. Blair tells Jack that she has to go to Seattle to bring Todd home.

Charlie goes to see Mitch, demanding answers to his questions. Mitch, in his passive aggressive way, begins to turn the tables and taunt Charlie. Mitch first gets Charlie to think that he was a lousy father, never there for Jared when Jared needed a father. Then Mitch gets Charlie to think that he was the reason Jared turned to a life of crime. Charlie tells Mitch that he’ll never be able to get under his skin. Mitch continues to taunt Charlie, getting Charlie to believe that he is the reason Jared is dead. Charlie knows that Mitch is the reason Jared is dead and demands to know why Mitch killed Jared in cold blood. Mitch coolly responds with “I didn’t kill him Charlie, you did the day you left Texas.” Mitch sees the bottle in Charlie’s jacket pocket and taunts him even further by telling Charlie it’s ok to drink. Charlie leaves Mitch, not giving him the satisfaction.

Dorian is meet with opposition from Harrisburg when Attorney General Andrew Gallagher arrives and threatens to throw Dorian in jail if she signs one marriage license validating any of the same-sex marriages. Dorian, telling Gallagher that she will not be intimidated by the Governor nor will she back down from a campaign promise, signs her marriage certificate with Amelia and then gives it the Mayoral Approval. Gallagher sees Fish in the crowd and wants him to arrest Dorian, Fish refuses to arrest Dorian telling Gallagher that he’s gay and proud of it – someday wanting to marry his boyfriend. After Gallagher threatens to have Fish fired, Dorian explains that she’ll go to jail peacefully – so Fish doesn’t lose his job. Dorian assures Langston, Markko, Cole and Starr that jail is a safe place for her. Fish takes Dorian to a holding cell, wherein she comes face-to-face with Mitch Laurence. Charlie returns to Jared’s grave and reflects on what Mitch was telling him. Charlie can’t get Mitch out of his mind, he falls off the wagon and downs the bottle of vodka in his pocket.

In Seattle, Destiny is furious that Danielle is stealing her time with Matthew. Destiny tries to get Danielle to leave, but Matt reminds Destiny that if it wasn’t for Danielle, he’d still be in London. Destiny sees Rachel and Greg coming to the room and warns Danielle. Danielle hides under the bed while Greg and Rachel inquire as to Danielle’s whereabouts after they’ve been made aware that Danielle is missing. Both Destiny and Matthew lie, Destiny draws attention to Danielle and she is forced out of hiding. Rachel can’t believe that Matt would lie to her, Matt explains that Danielle helped him now he was returning the favor. Destiny comes clean with Matt, telling him that she drew attention to Danielle under the bed. Matt is upset that Destiny would do something like that.

Meanwhile, Tea is trying to reconcile with Todd. Todd explains that when he is released, he’s taking Danielle as far away from Tea as possible. Elijah returns and informs them that Danielle isn’t at child protective services and they don’t know where she is. Tea freaks out, thinking Ross got to her. Ross is brought back to his cell and demands to know what’s going on. Tea informs Ross of the situation, Todd reminds Ross that Danielle is his, not Ross’. Ross, on impulse, grabs the guard’s gun and knocks him out. Ross threatens to shoot Todd if he doesn’t admit that Danielle is Ross’ daughter, Todd refuses to recant the DNA results. Ross takes off in search of Danielle. Todd and Tea call for help and Elijah comes running, along with another guard. Tea explains what happened and fears that Ross will get to Danielle soon. Tea figures that Danielle went to see Matthew, she and Todd are relieved when Rachel phones Elijah to tell him that Danielle is safe and at the hospital. What they don’t know, is that Ross is standing (armed) outside Matt’s hospital room. . .

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