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35th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Winners for One Life to Live


35th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Winners for One Life to Live

One Life to Live

Copyright ABC Daytime, 2008
Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team
Richard Manfredi, Director
Larry Carpenter, Director
Bruce Cooperman, Director
Gary Donatelli, Director
Danielle Faraldo, Director
Jill Mitwell, Director
Frank Valentini, Director
Paul Glass, Associate Director
Anthony Wilkinson, Associate Director
Mary Ryan, Associate Director
Teresa Anne Cicala, Associate Director
Tracy Casper Lang, Associate Director
Alan Needleman, Stage Manager
Keith Greer, Stage Manager
Brendan Higgins, Stage Manager
Kevin Brush, Production Associate
Nathalie Rodriquez, Production Associate

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team
Dena Higley, Head Writer
Ron Carlivati, Head Writer
Janet Iacobuzio, Associate Head Writer
Chris Van Etten, Associate Head Writer
Victor Gialanella, Associate Head Writer
Shelly Altman, Associate Head Writer
Carolyn Culliton, Writer
Michelle Poteet Lisanti, Writer
Fran Myers, Writer
Aida Croal, Writer
Mark Christopher, Writer
Leslie Nipkow, Writer
Anna Theresa Cascio, Writer
Elizabeth Page, Writer

Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design For A Drama Series
Susan Gammie, Head Costume Designer
David Brooks, Costume Designer
Sally Lesser, Costume Designer

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Direction For A Drama Series
Scott Devitte, Lighting Director
Robert Bessoir, Lighting Director

Outstanding Original Song
Song Title: "Chemistry"
Lance Horne, Composer, Lyricist
Paul S. Glass, Lyricist

Song Title: "Little Starr"
Kevin Briody, Composer, Lyricist
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