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Support the Return of Trevor St. John (Victor Lord, Jr.)


Support the Return of Trevor St. John (Victor Lord, Jr.)

Actor Trevor St. John (Llanview's Victor Lord, Jr.)

Copyright, 2011
The exciting news spreading on Victor’s possible return has many OLTL fans doing the happy dance, but the big question remains is will Trevor St. John return for the role? Or will the role be recast once Prospect Park takes over the production of the show? Now is the time for fans to show their support for Trevor's return to Llanview before it's too late!

Listed below are the email addresses for TPTB at Prospect Park, so please let them know how much you would love to see this talented actor back on canvas. Plus, be sure to also show your support on the Prospect Park Twitter Page.

Paul Frank Executive, Head of Television

Jeff Kwatinez, Partner

Peter Katsis, Partner

Josh S. Barry, Executive

Rob Carliner, Executive, Head of Film

Priscilla Crowe, Assistant Executive Assistant

Rich Frank, Executive Producer

Yvette Gonzalez, Executive Assistant

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