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ABC Debuts Temporary 'Good Afternoon America' in Former Time Slot of OLTL


ABC Debuts Temporary 'Good Afternoon America' in Former Time Slot of OLTL

Lara Spencer, one of the new hosts for the nine-week replacement show, 'Good Afternoon America'

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When ABC took off fan-favorite One Life to Live this past January it was replaced with a “reality-type” talk show called The Revolution. As many already know, this new show completely failed in the ratings and most soap fans, in fact purposely made the decision to turn their TV sets off or watch a different network during the time slot The Revolution was airing. From the time The Revolution first aired ABC lost more than half of its audience when compared to when OLTL occupied the same time slot. This was no coincidence to fans, but rather seen as a twist of fate and retribution for taking away such a beloved show, as OLTL had become to so many fans across the nation. Of course, ABC may never admit their failure or mistake, but nonetheless the ratings rang loud and clear to the entire entertainment industry. So what has ABC decided to do next? Introducing Good Afternoon America, which will be a one-hour extension of Good Morning America debuting on Monday, July 9 at 2 p.m. ET. Hosts Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer will appear during this nine-week spin-off of GMA, with ongoing special reports from Sam Champion, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

GAA will be featuring musical performances and lifestyle, health and pop-cultural reporting from the hosts, as well as, from other members of the ABC News staff. The show will tape at the same studio GMA tapes from located in Times Square, NY. According to the New York Daily News, “putting the established Good Morning America franchise into the 2 p.m. slot also should help ABC retain viewers it hopes will watch the Katie Couric talk show that debuts Sept. 10 on many ABC stations.”

This move by ABC is clearly seen to many, not only as an attempt to lure viewers back to their network, but as a way of taking attention off the epic failure of The Revolution and the disastrous decision of taking One Life to Live off the air in the first place. However, time will quickly reveal the ratings for this “quick-fix” that ABC thinks will make amends with their once long-time and devoted soap fan audience.

Please share your thoughts? Will you tune-in for Good Afternoon America? How about Katie Couric’s upcoming talk show – do you plan to watch?
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