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Vincent Jones - OLTL Former Character Profile


Vincent Jones - OLTL Former Character Profile

Vincent Jones

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Current Occuptation:


Place of Residence:


Significant Romantic Relationships:

Layla Williamson




Vincent Jones Sr. (father; deceased)

Interesting Facts:

Arrived in Llanview in 2006.
Helped John McBain catch his father's killer.
Takes on activities which are questionably legal.
Set up Cristian to take a fall during a boxing match.


Natalie Buchanan
Layla Williamson



Strongest Points:

Vincent is a very appealing and slick businessman, who's always trying to get what he wants. He leads a very mysterious life and people are never too sure what side of the law he is on.

History of Vincent Jones:

Vincent Jones moved to Llanview from Atlanta after being found by Natalie Buchanan. Natalie was searching for information on Thomas McBain's killer, the father of John McBain, and was hoping that Vincent would be able to help them with his connections with the "underworld". When Vincent came to Llanview he was very pleased to find out his old friend from school, Hugh Hughes, was in town, and was the district attorney for Llanview.

Vincent began dating Layla Williamson and took over as manager for Cristian Vega's latter boxing career. Privately he had been planning on setting Cristian up to be drugged and take a fall in a match, so he could make money off of the bets. However, Vincent was feeling bad about the plan and wanted to cancel the plan at the last minute. Unfortunately Cristian had already been drugged and took a hard dive in the boxing match. With the help from Natalie she had Vincent confess what he had done to Cristian, and the two of them have been strong enemies since. Later on, Layla found out about it, and was heartbroken by what he had done to Cristian, and left him.

During the time Vincent was distressed over everything, he was visiting Hugh Hughes, who was in the hospital after a fatal multiple car crash, he was bandaged from head to toe. After some time, Vincent was shocked to find out the man he thought was Hugh, was actually John McBain, and his good friend was really dead.

Vincent had several warehouse properties, and some of them were being targeted by an arsonist. Vincent thought it was Cristian Vega, but Cristian was proven innocent later on. During his time here in Llanview he had been becoming really good friends with Natalie and she was supporting Vincent the best she could. Vincent was helping Natalie and was there for her when she was having struggles in her relationship with John. Vincent had a relationship with Layla, but has since left Llanview.
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