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Victor Lord Jr./former Todd Manning - OLTL Character Profile


Victor Lord Jr./former Todd Manning - OLTL Character Profile

Victor Lord Jr./former Todd Manning portrayed by actor Trevor St. John

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2008

Portrayed by:

About Victor Lord Jr./former Todd Manning:

Victor Lord Jr. is a man who has been haunted by his abusive past, and his past crimes, but his love for his family brings out his caring ways and tenderness that most never get to see.

Former owner and publisher of The Sun newspaper

Place of Residence:

House in Llanview

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Blair Cramer (February 1995 - August 1995 - annulled)
Blair Cramer (November 1995 - June 1997 - divorced)
Tea Delgado (married on July 15, 1997 - divorced)
Blair Cramer (December 2001 - September 2002 - divorced)
Blair Cramer (November 2003 - January 2004 - annulled)
Blair Cramer (Married and divorced in 2008)
Tea Delgado (remarried in 2009, but later annulled)
*Note: Blair Cramer has been Todd Manning's 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th wife and Tea Delgado was his 3rd and 7th wife.


Sam Manning/Lord (with Margaret Cochran)


Irene Manning Clayton (biological mother; deceased)
Victor Lord Sr.(biological father; deceased)
Viki Davidson (half-sister)
Tina Clayton Lord Roberts (sister)
Todd Manning (Twin brother)
Jessica Buchanan (niece)
Natalie Buchanan (niece)
Megan Gordon (half-niece; deceased)
Sarah Roberts (niece)
Kevin Buchanan (half-nephew)
Joey Buchanan (half-nephew)
CJ Roberts (half-nephew)
Danny Wolek (nephew)
Powell Lord II (cousin)
Richard Abbott (cousin)
Duke Buchanan (great half-nephew; deceased)
Brennen Buchanan (great half-niece)
Zane Buchanan (great great half-nephew)
Tomas Delgado (brother-in-law)
Liam and Ryder Buchanan (great nephews)

Interesting Facts:

  • Came to Llanview in 1993.
  • Inherited millions from his late father Victor Lord.
  • Was kidnapped and raped by Margaret Cochran.
  • Was resurrected after being put to death by lethal injection after he was convicted of killing Margaret Cochran and their unborn baby.
  • Was later proved innocent of those killings.
  • Sold his own son Jack, whom he thought was not his, to another couple.
  • Won custody of his son Tommy, whom had been adopted by Michael and Marcie McBain.
  • Victor's mother resurfaced.
  • He learned his true identity that he was a twin and feared losing his family.
  • Todd wins the woman he loves.



John McBain
Nora Hanan Buchanan
Cristian Vega
Dorian Lord
Cole Thornhart
Miles Laurence
Lee Ramsey
Marty Saybrooke
Elijah Clarke
Dr. Greg Evans

History of Victor Lord Jr./former Todd Manning:

Victor Lord Jr. is the twin brother of Todd Manning, and son of Victor Lord and Irene Manning. It was thirty years after his birth that anyone became aware of Victor’s existence, which became revealed after the “real” Todd Manning came to town and claimed his name. It was not until Irene Manning was found very much alive that she finally came out with the truth of the twin’s birth. Irene explained that after giving birth to twins, she gave Todd Manning over to her cousin, Peter to raise and she kept the other twin, Victor Jr. Irene’s rogue operation with the CIA is when the situation became very complicated for her sons. In 2003, after Mitch Laurence and his henchmen left Todd for dead in their father’s crypt, Irene secretly captured Todd. Irene brainwashed Todd and gave him plastic surgery in order to keep him safe from Mitch Laurence. In May 2003, Victor came to Llanview at first as Walker Laurence (Mitch’s long-lost brother), but later revealed he was Todd Manning, which was a lie that even he believed because of being brainwashed.

Blair fell in love with Walker, and eventually the two were married. But after Blair found out that Walker was really Todd Manning, she divorced him and refused to allow any of her children to be around him. Due to a brain tumor, Blair also later claimed that after their divorce, Todd had raped her. It was not until their daughter Starr took off to New York with her new boyfriend, Travis, that Todd and Blair finally started to reconnect.

On the eve of their wedding, Margaret Cochran, a woman obsessed with Todd, shot and kidnapped him. Todd was held for weeks in captivity, and was raped by Margaret in her desperate attempt to have a baby with him. Meanwhile, Blair had been put in a mental institute by Asa Buchanan, in his attempt to keep her hidden away. Once Todd escaped from Margaret, he managed to locate Blair and they returned to Llanview.

After Margaret found out she was in fact pregnant with Todd’s child, she returned to Llanview to get back together with the father of her baby. But instead, Todd tried to strangle her, but she ended up stabbing him with a scissors and she got away. But shortly afterwards, Margaret was found dead and Todd was blamed for her tried, convicted and sentence to death for her murder. Blair left Todd once again because she believed that Todd was in fact guilty.

Todd was given his lethal injection, but was revived at the last minute by Dr. Spencer Truman. It was reveled that it was actually Spencer who had framed Todd, and had delivered her baby and put it on the black market. Margaret died in a car crash before she had the chance to reveal that in fact the baby was the adoptive son of Marcie and Michael McBain, who was living right there in Llanview.

Todd and Blair got back together after she begged him to forgive her for not believing he was innocent of Margaret’s murder. In their attempt to get revenge on Spencer, Blair married him in order for her and Todd to get the proof they needed to get Spencer arrested. Later, Spencer turned up dead, which was much later revealed that Lindsey Rappaport killed him.

Miles Laurence, Mitch’s brother, eventually revealed to Todd that Spencer gave his son up for adoption to the McBains. In his desperate attempt to win custody of his son, Todd paid Blair five million dollars to marry him in order to look good for the judge. In October 2007, Todd was awarded custody of his son, but before he could take him home, Marcie fled with the baby she had raised. It was months later before Marcie was eventually found, and Todd’s son, whom he had renamed Sam, was returned to him.

In 2008, Todd and Blair once again got divorced. It was soon after when Todd discovered Marty Saybrooke in Lee Ramsey’s penthouse. Ramsey had been shot to death, and Marty who was believed to have been dead for over a year, had amnesia. Todd took Marty back to his home and began to nurse her back to health. Todd kept Marty hidden for many months, and they two of them started to have feelings for one another. The two of them eventually made love, and it changed Todd’s mind about stealing his daughter’s unborn baby. After Todd headed to the hospital to call the deal off with the doctor, John McBain finally found Marty at Todd’s house and told him everything that Todd had done to her. After Todd returned home, he admitted to Marty that John was telling the truth. Later, he learned that Starr’s baby had died, unaware that Jessica’s alter Bess had taken Starr’s healthy baby and swapped it for the stillborn baby that Jessica had given birth to hours earlier.

After Nora filed charges against Todd for his crimes against Marty Saybrooke and his plan of stealing Starr’s baby, Tea Delgado returned to Llanview to represent him. After learning that Todd tried to commit suicide over all the things he did, Starr shocked the courtroom when she recanted her statements that Todd had told her about his plan of stealing her baby. All the charges against Todd were eventually dropped.

In September 2009, Todd and Tea were married, but they soon faced many struggles when it was finally revealed that Tea had kept a secret from Todd for many years. Tea had never told Todd that the time they were stranded on a deserted island years ago that she had become pregnant with his child. Todd and Tea’s marriage was soon annulled after it was revealed that Tea was still married to Ross Rayburn.

Todd struggled for a long time to reconnect to his daughter Danielle, who hated him for all of his past crimes. Todd was finally began to feel close to Dani, but was beaten up by Cole Thornhart after allegedly causing Marty Saybrooke’s miscarriage. Todd struggled to maintain his innocence and denied any wrongdoing. He confronted Hannah O’Connor who finally admitted she wanted to be with Cole. Hannah also confessed that it was Elijah Clarke who had pushed Marty down the stairs. Todd called a truce with Cole after everyone learned that Tea had a brain tumor.

After marrying Tea, she left Llanview for a hospice center because she wanted to die alone. However, Todd coerced Shaun to bring him to see her, but when they arrived they were told she had died already. Todd also learns that Evangeline had also died and he lashed out in anger. At Danielle’s custody hearing, Dr. Evans testified in favor in Ross and later wins custody after they replayed Todd’s taped threat. Todd tells Dani that he loves her and she finally replies the same.

Later, Todd fished Ross out of the water after he confessed that Elijah Clarke had set him up and was out to get Dani. Later, Todd married Tea again after finding her alive and rescuing her. Todd hounded Tea over Dani and Nate’s whereabouts and argued with her brother, Tomas.

After a united front over Mary, Todd collaborated a deal with Tomas to send her to Ireland. Later, he made a shifty deal to free Jack from prison after he committed a serious crime. Todd’s world turned upside down after he learned he was really Victor Lord, Jr. He came face to face with his twin brother, Todd and mother, Irene and refused to believe she brainwashed him to live Todd’s life. Fear of losing loved ones, Victor tried unsuccessfully to convince them that he was the real (Todd Manning). Sadly, after gaining their acceptance of his true identity, Victor’s life was cut short in a pool of blood.

Tea soon learned after Victor was shot and killed that she was pregnant with his child, and became determined to find her husband’s killer. With John McBain’s help, Tea and John finally found Tomas, whom Victor had kidnapped weeks earlier. John figured he had all the evidence he needed and headed over to Todd’s house, where he was in bed with Blair, and told him he was under arrest for Victor’s murder.

But, in the final scene of ABC’s One Life to Live on January 13, 2012, it showed a very much alive Victor Lord Jr. being held captive by Allison Perkins.
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