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Tea Delgado - OLTL Character Profile


Tea Delgado - OLTL Character Profile

Tea Delgado portrayed by Florencia Lozano

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Current Occupation:


Place of Residence:

Lives at The Palace Hotel in Llanview

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Kevin Buchanan
John Sykes
RJ Gannon
Ross Rayburn (married, divorced 2009)
Todd Manning, (divorced 3 times, remarried)


Danielle Rayburn (daughter with Todd Manning)


Danielle (daughter)
Starr Manning (step daughter)
Jack Manning (stepson)
Sam Manning (stepson)
Tomas Delgado (brother)
Liam and Ryder Buchanan (great nephews)
Elijah Clarke (ex-brother-in-law/deceased)
Todd Manning (brother-in-law)
Victor Lord, Jr. (husband)

Interesting Facts:

  • Tea was offered a $5 million proposal by Todd Manning.
  • She was thrown from a two story window.
  • Hid her daughter from her biological father.
  • Todd abandoned her on an island along with Ross Rayburn.
  • Tea was presumed dead after being diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor.
  • Her brother located her years later.
  • Tea defended her stepson for a crime.
  • She learned a harsh truth about her husband, and later bids a sad farewell.


Viki Lord Banks
Blair Cramer
Dorian Lord


Elijah Clarke (deceased)
Todd Manning (brother-in-law)

Strongest Points:

Tea has a passion for adventure and challenge of the difficult kind. She loves her daughter and will protect her from anything – or anyone.

History of Tea Delgado:

Tea came to Llanview after law school to represent Antonio Vega on murder charges. She dated Kevin Buchanan briefly until he dumped her for someone else. She became involved with Todd Manning, and married him out of convenience when he paid her 5 million dollars to win full custody of his daughter Starr. Todd’s ex-wife, Blair, hated Tea for taking Starr and pushed her out of a two story window! Tea continued to prove her love to Todd when she protected Starr after she was threatened by a gunman.

Tea divorced Todd then remarried - for love this time - but it ended when she realized he lied to her. She had brief relationships with John Sykes and RJ Gannon but always loved Todd. They reunited a third time until he abandoned her on an island. Tea discovered she was pregnant when she met Ross Rayburn, but married him and raised Danielle together as his daughter.

Years later, Tea returned to offer Todd legal counsel and soon, asks her to marry him, unaware she is married. Ambivalent at first, Tea sends Ross divorce papers to sign and hides Danielle from him in a London boarding school. She marries Todd but ‘the third time around’ proved not to be the charm when a spiteful Blair tells him Tea’s divorce was NEVER finalized and that he has another child! Todd annulled their marriage after feeling betrayed. Tea decides Todd should meet their daughter and flies to London with Elijah but Dani fled to Seattle with her friend, Matthew. Dani is repulsed after learning Todd’s dark past when she unwillingly meets her bio-daddy and refuses to have anything to do with him – despite his efforts. She leaves Tea and moves in with Matthew’s family. Tea, heartbroken, struggles with her desire to be with Todd and her daughter’s rebellion to accept him as her father. Tea is defending Todd in an wrongful assault and attempted murder charge against Cole Thornhart. Tea recently learned she has an inoperable brain tumor and decides not to tell Todd or Dani or seek treatment. Tea is surprised find a new friend in Blair Cramer when she offers to help her.

With months to live, Tea married Todd while undergoing chemotherapy and witnessed Dani’s growing bond with Todd deepen. Tea signed legal papers giving Todd custody with Blair as Dani’s legal guardian. Unbeknownst to loved ones, Tea lies comatose under Dr. Evans’ care but awakens and asks for Todd. Dr. Evans explains that her tumor is ‘no longer life threatening’.

Eli tucked Tea away in an old warehouse with Dani until Todd complied with his demands. She learned of Eli’s death and rejoined her family in a “back from the dead” wedding gala. Tea discovered her brother Tomas was Blair’s new friend.

When news surfaced that Todd was really Victor Lord, Jr and twin brother of Todd’s, Tea fought with Blair after learning she kissed Victor. Declaring her love for him, she found Victor on the floor bleeding to death and tried to save him. Tea was later inconsolable at his funeral and lashed out at Todd.

Tea later learned she was pregnant with Victor’s baby! She and John worked feverishly to prove Todd killed Victor – and Tomas was set free.
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