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Starr Manning - OLTL Character Profile


Starr Manning - OLTL Character Profile

Starr Manning

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Portrayed by:

About Starr Manning:

  • Starr Manning is a strong and smart young woman. She has a mix of both the worst and best of her parents personalities. With the topsy-turvy lives Todd and Blair have led it makes high school for Starr look lame. Even though she has it rough at times, Starr has become a very confident and self-assured person.

College Student at Llanview University

Place of Residence:

Lives at La Boulaie with her mom, Blair.
Currently relocated to California.

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Travis O'Connell
Cole Thornhart (boyfriend, ex-husband)
James Ford (ex-boyfriend)


Hope Manning


Blair Cramer (mother)
Todd Manning (father)
Victor Lord, Jr. (uncle)
Jack Manning (brother)
Tommy McBain (half-brother)
Irene Clayton (biological grandmother; deceased)
Barbara Clayton (adoptive grandmother)
Addie Cramer (grandmother)
Victor Lord (biological grandfather; deceased)
Peter Manning (adoptive grandfather; deceased)
Viki Davidson (aunt)
Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
Meredith Wolek (aunt; deceased)
Dorian Lord (great aunt)
Tony Lord (uncle; deceased)
Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
Kevin Buchanan (cousin)
Joey Buchanan (cousin)
Sarah "Flash" Roberts (cousin)
CJ Roberts (cousin)
Danny Wolek (cousin)
Danielle Rayburn (half-sister)

Interesting Facts:

Came to town in 1996
Was kidnapped and held for ransom.
Lived through her father's death and resurrection twice.
Has been involved several times in helping her father escape from police custody.
Stole $ 2,500 in cash from her Aunt Dorian's safe.
Had baby Hope at 16 years old.
Starr was shocked to learn that her father was an imposter.


Langston Wilde
Markko Rivera
Danielle Rayburn
Matthew Buchanan
James Ford
Baz Delgado


Hannah O'Connor
Deanna Forbes

The History of Starr Manning:

When Starr Manning was a baby, Todd kidnapped her for revenge against Blair. Todd and Blair have had many marriages, divorces and separations, and Starr has lived through them all. Starr loves both her parents very much, but seems to have a better connection with her father Todd.

Walker Laurence walked into Starr and Blair's life after the supposed death of Todd. Starr did not like the idea of Walker at all and wanted nothing to do with him. Despite the fact of how much she hated the idea of him with Blair, Walker had told Starr a secret - he was really Todd (after extensive surgery). Blair was enraged when she found out about the truth of Walker/Todd, and wanted her and Starr to stay away from him. After a heated night Blair spent with Todd, she accused him of raping her, and Todd was arrested and sent to prison. Starr was devastated and decided to help Todd escape. Unfortunately things did not go as planned and Matthew Buchanan was kidnapped by Troy MacIver. Matthew was found and brought back home safe, and Starr was happy to see him after she felt so awful about what happen. Blair was then diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and it was known to cause misinterpreting situations, and she had come to realize Todd did not rape her and she had dropped the charges.

While in high school, Starr fell in love with Cole Thornhart. After Cole was arrested for steriod use, Starr and her parents were shocked to find out that Cole was the son of Marty Saybrook, the woman Todd raped in college. After some difficulties with her parents, eventually Starr was allowed to date Cole.

Starr and Cole took their relationship to the next step and made love, resulting in a pregnancy. After much drama with Todd and her cousin Jessica, Starr and Cole finally reunited with their daughter Hope and decided to raise her together.Starr and Cole have decided to take Hope and move out of her fathers’ house and into an apartment with friends.

Starr has recently learned on her 18th birthday that she has a half sister named Danielle who attend Llanview High School together and have become friends. Meanwhile, Cole has started college and is spending a lot of time on a school assignment with pretty co-ed, Hannah O’Connor. Starr trusts Cole but is concerned about Hannah becoming a threat to their relationship but is assure by her friends she has nothing to worry about…or does she? Maybe. After Hannah confessed she saw Todd push Cole’s mother, Marty down a flight of stairs, Cole put Todd in the hospital. Starr confronted Hannah to tell her she knows she wants Cole for herself and warns her to stay away. Starr and Todd figure out Hannah is lying and Starr tries to convince Cole that Hannah is a troublemaker. Cole arrived at Starr’s graduation but discovered she took off with new friend, James Ford. In an attempt to hand over $50,000 with Todd’s help, Starr accidently shoots James and later visits him in the hospital and keeping in touch. Quickly denying her feelings for James, Starr confesses to Langston otherwise after kissing him! Starr is furious after learning Hannah is living with Cole’s mother. James rescued Starr and Hope after they fled Eli and were taken hostage by Hannah. Struggling to remain faithful to Cole during his prison term, Starr ends it to pursue James.

Starr feared James’ ex-girlfriend Deanna was after him and she makes a new friend in Tea’s nephew, Baz – who later kisses her! Starr received the shock of her young life when she learned that her father Todd was really her uncle, Victor Lord Jr. and cruelly outs him to the family. After sleeping with James, Starr was distraught to learn that Victor was found murdered.

Starr helped Todd escape from jail and was later arrested for pulling a gun on two officers. Later, after being coerced into a seductive video, Starr, James, Nate and Dani retaliate against Rick Powers.

Cole arrived at Starr’s doorstep on New Year’s Eve after escaping Statesville. They found Hannah holding Sam – and a gun pointed at Starr! Cole jumped in front of her and while fighting for his life, Starr announced Cole’s death. After learning he survived, She and Todd arranged for him to be with his parents in Ireland.

Starr was devastated when James broke up with her after overhearing her confession that she still loved Cole. Moving forward with her life, she and Hope leave Llanview to pursue a singing career in L.A. While staying with Langston and Markko, Starr received the surprise of her life when she answered the door to find Cole standing there.

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