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Stacy Morasco - OLTL Character Profile


Stacy Morasco - OLTL Character Profile

Stacy Morasco stripping for a bachelor party in Llanview

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Portrayed by:

Actress Crystal Hunt

About Stacy Morasco:

  • Stacy was a manipulative, calculating woman who led a troubled life. Alone after losing her parents at a young age, her life spiraled out of control to win the man she always loved.

  • Occupation:
    Ex-exotic dancer

    Place of Residence:

    Shared an apartment in Llanview with Rex Balsom, then later with her friend Kim Andrews

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Schuyler Joplin
    Oliver Fish
    Rex Balsom


    Sierra Rose (with Oliver Fish)


    Gigi Morasco (sister)
    Shane Morasco (nephew)

    Interesting Facts:

  • She was obsessed with Rex Balsom.
  • Stacy saved her nephew by “donating” stem cells but blackmailed Gigi into letting her have Rex.
  • Stacy faked being pregnant with Rex’s child.
  • She fell through a thin sheet of ice and is presumed dead.
  • Friends:

    Kim Andrews


    Gigi Morasco
    Rex Balsom
    Roxanne Balsom
    Mitch Laurence

    History of Stacy Morasco:

    Stacy was a Las Vegas stripper who stole $20,000 dollars of “tip money” from her ex-boss, Stan. She fled Vegas and followed her sister Gigi and boyfriend Rex to Llanview. Preferring to freeload, she often lied about looking for work and would bring men back to the house. While home alone one evening with Rex, she spiked his drink. Rex denied overdrinking and having sex with Stacy after Gigi found them in bed together. Gigi later sided with Stacy and threw Rex out.

    When Shane was diagnosed with leukemia, Stacy “became” a donor after threatening Rex’s mother Roxy to get the real donor’s blood. She maliciously used Gigi’s vulnerability to coerce her into breaking up with Rex. While separated, Rex slept with Stacy and she became pregnant, however, she lost the baby after a fight with Gigi. Kim helped Stacy with a plan to make Rex think she was still pregnant. After bedding Oliver Fish and med student Schuyler Joplin, Stacy was soon pregnant with “Rex’s” child.

    As her due date neared, Rex became suspicious when Stacy named Schuyler as the baby’s legal guardian. Kim demanded Schuyler inject Oxytocin to induce labor but he refused. Stacy was later kidnapped by Rex’s father, Mitch who planned to raise “the chosen one”; but having learned the baby was not Rex’s, he released her into the frigid snow. Gigi found her and Stacy gave birth to a very ill Sierra Rose who was later taken to the hospital. Rex confronted Stacy and she confessed the baby was Schuyler’s. Stacy left the cabin and followed Gigi across a frozen lake. As the ice cracked, Stacy told Gigi to take care of Sierra then fell through the shallow mass and drowned.

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