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Shaun Evans - OLTL Character Profile


Shaun Evans - OLTL Character Profile

Shaun Evans portrayed by actor Sean Ringgold

© Copyright by Sean Ringgold, 2010

Portrayed by:

Actor Sean Ringgold

About Shaun Evans:

  • Shaun is a tough but hopeless romantic looking for a special woman to share his life with. He comes from a close-knit family yet, always competed with his doctor-brother, Greg personally and professionally. Shaun takes pride in his work as a highly paid private security guard in Llanview.

  • Occupation:
    Security/Body Guard

    Place of Residence:


    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Rachel Gannon (ex-girlfriend)
    Dr. Vivian Wright


    Phylicia (mother)
    Richard (father)
    Destiny (niece)
    Greg (brother)

    Interesting Facts:

    Shaun’s brother fell in love with his girlfriend.
    He was shot twice while trying to help Starr from a kidnapper.
    His brother Greg operated on him and saved his life.
    He dated his brother’s ex-lover.


    Blair Manning
    Dorian Lord Cramer
    Tea Delgado


    Rachel Gannon
    Greg Evans
    Todd Manning
    Elijah Clarke (deceased)

    History of Shaun Evans:

    Shaun came to Llanview in 2006 as Vincent Jones’ bodyguard but was hired by Todd Manning to protect his sons and follow his daughter, Starr at school. Sick of Todd’s antics, Shaun began working for Todd’s ex-wife Blair who hired him to protect her and the kids from Todd after throwing him out.

    Shaun posed as “George” to help a friend make another guy jealous; she got his attention when the guy discovered (George) was a fraud. Shaun felt he met the right person with Rachel Gannon. Shaun and Rachel double dated with Greg and his colleague, Vivian. While Shaun danced with Rachel, he caught Greg staring at her - ignoring Vivian! Rachel disliked Greg’s arrogance and voiced her opinion of him several times. Another evening, while Shaun and Rachel were out with Greg, Rachel’s patient fell off his skateboard and Greg showed off by tending to him. Shaun noticed the frostiness Rachel once felt for Greg beginning to soften and he began to feel uneasy. Shaun showed up at Greg’s hotel room later and found Rachel buttoning up her blouse and got the wrong idea. Rachel quickly explained that she came by to thank Greg for helping her patient and accidently spilled her drink. Shaun apologized profusely for assuming they betrayed him…

    Shaun planned a special evening with Rachel but while protecting Starr from a kidnapper, he was shot twice! Shaun’s reluctance to let Greg operate on him changed with his family’s persuasion and love for Rachel. As Shaun’s life hung in the balance after a grim prognosis, he finally awoke and asked for Rachel, (who was en route with Greg). Destiny and their father presented Shaun with a Medal of Honor from the LPD. Released from the hospital, Shaun asked Rachel to marry him but he was heartbroken when she said she fell in love with Greg. At Capricorn one evening, Shaun shocked everyone when he passionately kissed Vivian in front of Greg and Rachel. Mrs. Evans disapproved of Greg’s involvement with Rachel and invited Vivian over for Sunday dinner.

    Shaun left town briefly but returned to Llanview when Mayor Dorian Cramer hired him as her niece, Kelly’s bodyguard. Shaun burst into Kelly’s office after Reed smashes her mother’s vase and threatens to remove him from the premises.

    As Tea weakens from her brain tumor and plans to die alone, he keeps his promise to ban Todd and their daughter Danielle from her location. However, after being kidnapped by Todd’s goons regarding her whereabouts, Shaun reluctantly takes them to see her. Later, he is ridden with guilt when they learn she died - leaving Dani inconsolable. Shaun became increasingly suspicious of Greg’s involvement with Elijah Clarke; Greg admitted he fathered Destiny with Shaun’s ex-girlfriend! Later Shaun was relieved Tea did not die while under Greg’s care.
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