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Sarah Roberts - OLTL Character Profile


Sarah Roberts - OLTL Character Profile

Sarah Roberts

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Current Occupation:

Buchanan Enterprises Board Member

Place of Residence:

Currently resides at Angel Square Hotel

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Single/Never Married
Riley Colson (ex-boyfriend)
Cristian Vega (current boyfriend)


Unborn child (father unknown; Sarah as Flash had an abortion)


Cordero Roberts (Father)
Tina Clayton Lord (Mother)
Clinton James Roberts (brother)
Clint Buchanan (grandfather)
Maria Vasquez (grandmother, deceased)
Victor Lord (grandfather, deceased)
Irene Manning (grandmother, deceased)
Asa Buchanan (great grandfather, deceased)
Olympia Buchaana (great grandmother, deceased)
Todd Manning (uncle)
Starr Manning (half cousin)
Jack Cramer Manning (half cousin)
Thomas John McBain (now Sam, half cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (aunt; via adoption/half-cousin)
Natalie Buchanan(half-aunt; half-cousin)
Victoria Lord (half-aunt)

Interesting Facts:

The role of Sarah Roberts, was most notably portrayed by Hayden Panettiere from 1994-1997, Shanelle Workman from February 4, 2003–January 28, 2004. Justis Bolding assumed the role on June 14, 2007.
Daughter of Cord and Tina Lord and younger sister to Clinton James (C.J.)
Kissed Joey Buchanan before her true identify was revealed.
Survived a dramatic fall over a waterfall after being tied to a raft by Carlo Hessor.


Viki Davidson
Jared Banks
Layla Williamson
Cristian Vega
Antonio Vega
Jamie Vega
Tahlia Sahad
Clint Buchanan
Bo Buchanan


Carlo Hessser
Jonas Chamberlain

Strongest Points:

Sarah has done a great job in trying to change her life around after having a difficult childhood and teenage years. Sarah is also very loyal to her friends and family.

The History of Sarah Roberts :

Tina became pregnant with Sarah in 1991, but was unsure who the father was because she was seeing Johnny Dee Hesser, son of Carlo, and had also slept with her ex-husband, Cord. She believed the child was Johnny’s, but reunited with ex-husband, Cord, who was willing to claim the child as his. When Jonny found out about the baby, he burst into Llanfair and tried to kidnap Tina. Because of his outburst, Tina’s sister, Viki, suffered a stroke and was left unable to walk or talk. She then developed disassociative disorder and killed Johnny. Tina became the prime suspect in his murder, but later was exonerated and Viki was cleared on self defense.

Tina went into labor while in Texas and gave birth in February 1991. Cord and Tina then remarried and returned to Llanview. In 1992, Cord was presumed dead, and Sarah and her older brother, C.J., become attached to Cain Rogan, their mother’s new boyfriend. In 1996, Tina moved to Baltimore with her kids, but returned briefly in 1997 to say goodbye to Cord when he left for London.

In 2003, a young woman named “Flash” appears in Llanview and befriends Joey Buchanan. It is soon made known that Flash is actually Sarah Roberts looking for C.J. and her mother, Tina. Sarah is terrorized and was almost murdered by the Music Box Killer in 2004. Cord arrives from London and takes her home with him.

When Todd disappears while looking for his kidnapped son, he later appears as hostage to a man named Hunter. Hunter’s girlfriend discovers Todd, and calls Blair and tells her where Todd is. Blair heads to Chicago, with Cristian and Rex. Blair finally recognizes the caller as Sarah Roberts. When Sarah is threatened by Hunter, Cristian and Rex take her back to Llanview. Sarah becomes Cristian’s temporary roommate. Later during a struggle between with Cristian, Hunter is stabbed and and dies.

Needing cash, Sarah takes a job as a waitress at Capricorn. Layla moves in with Layla. After Cristian gives Sarah the job as the booking agent, she immediately books a major talent, Timbaland, to perform at Capricorn on October 9, 2007.

During this time, Sarah and Cristian admitted to each other their feeling for one another, and the two became intimate. Carlo Hessor has Sarah kidnapped, and attempted to kill her after tying her to a raft heading over a waterfall. However, Sarah survived and she was reunited with Cristian and her mother Tina. Later, Cristian is taken by Carlo, but after they reunite, Sarah will leave Llanview.
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