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Robert Ford - OLTL Character Profile


Robert Ford - OLTL Character Profile

Robert Ford

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Portrayed by:

David Gregory

About Robert Ford:

  • Robert Ford is pursuing a career in film and offers to mentor students in need of help. He is a handsome, young man who manipulates people to get what he wants.

  • Occupation:
    ex-Assistant film Professor

    Place of Residence:

    Apartment in Llanview with his brother James.

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Hannah O’Connor (ex-lover)
    Langston Wilde-Cramer
    Karen Meyers (ex-fling)
    Several significant others
    Jessica "Tess" Buchanan (ex-wife)
    Aubrey Wentworth


    Inez Salinger (mother) Eddie Ford (father, deceased)
    James Ford (brother)
    Nate Salinger (brother)


    Ryder (with Jessica Buchanan)

    Interesting Facts:

    Robert was a Film Major in college.
    He is a mentor to a fellow student.
    Slept with Jessica who was having memory loss..
    He was bludgeoned by his blackmailer to blame someone else.
    Abandoned by his mother as a child.
    Fled his abusive father and left his brother James.
    Received internal injuries after Clint had him beaten up for sleeping with Jessica.
    Ford learned he fathered a child with Jessica.
    Ford dressed as a nun to free Tess from St. Ann's.
    He makes a pass at his baby mama, and later gave his life for Jessica.


    James Ford
    Nate Salinger


    Blair Cramer
    Clint Buchananan
    Tess Buchanan
    Hannah O’Connor
    Elijah Clarke
    Mayor Dorian Lord Cramer
    Brody Lovitt
    Cutter Wentworth

    History of Robert Ford:

    Robert came to Llanview in 2009 with David Vickers to film a documentary on the life of Mayor Dorian Lord Cramer. Markko Rivera filmed the documentary and Ford became his mentor at Llanview University. It wasn’t long before Ford locked eyes with Markko’s girlfriend, Langston (while pouring water on himself to cool off) – and became instantly attracted to her. After giving Markko helpful advice, Ford offers to help Langston with her play.

    Hannah O’Connor stalked Ford after he dumped her to sleep with other girls and overdosed on pain killers after an altercation with him. While out with Markko one evening, Ford cornered Langston in the hallway of the ladies room and kissed her. After awhile, they had sex at his office; her and Markko’s apartment and The Palace Hotel – avoiding several close calls each time! Ford continues to mentor Markko – but with harsh criticism; while sneaking around with Langston and laughing at his cluelessness.

    Ford ignored warnings from Langston’s friends, Starr and her mother, Blair and pursued her feverishly. Alone in the gym before her play rehearsal, Langston tries unsuccessfully to break it off but relents when Ford “suddenly admits” to falling in love with her, and, taken by his charming words, she kisses him. Langston agrees to continue seeing Ford and they discuss her breaking-up with Markko after her graduation. Despite a warning from his roommate, Cristian, Ford’s newest conquest is Jessica Brennan, who is suffering from memory loss and thinks she is a teenager. Ford was caught having sex with the pizza girl, Karen when Langston showed up unexpectedly. Markko catches Ford kissing Langston and punches him! Langston threatens Ford after he admits he doesn’t love her and breaks it off. Jessica visits looking for Cris and ends up in bed with Ford; she becomes hysterical with visions of her rapist-biological father, Mitch and stops him. Hours later, Ford is found bloody and unconscious…Ford later identified Elijah Clarke as his attacker.

    He rejected his mother’s explanation of abandonment but is slowly warming up to younger brother, Nate. Convincing Langston he changed Brody intercepts and beats him after learning Jessica might be carrying his baby! Ford’s world crumbled when racy photos surfaced and he was terminated from L.U. and later, Langston’s smug revelation that she sent them to Dean McKenzie… as revenge.

    After sustaining injuries by Clint Buchanan’s thugs for bedding Jessica, Ford reacquaints with Langston while seeking Starr’s whereabouts. Eddie resurfaced with a vengeance and Ford blackmailed Clint to expel him but learned Eddie was murdered. Later, he elopes with Jessica’s alter, Tess after learning the baby is his.

    Ford refused to divorce Tess and Langston left town with Markko. After briefing Joe Buchanan on Aubrey, Ford loses custody of Ryder to them. Ford and Tess professed their love for each other. At a film premiere, he exchanged icy words with Marrko about Langston. Later Ford kissed Jessica after being reminded of Tess.

    Ford supported Jessica after she found the DNA results for Liam. Later, he falls in love with her and they make love. After learning Jessica’s paternal father, Mitch Lawrence escaped from prison, Ford rushes to rescue her, but is killed when a chandelier falls and crushes him.
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