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Rex Balsom - OLTL Character Profile


Rex Balsom - OLTL Character Profile

Rex Balsom

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Current Occupation:

Private Investigator and Owner of Ultra Violet

Place of Residence:

An apartment in Llanview

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Gigi Morasco (girlfriend and mother of his son Shane)
Adriana Cramer
Shannon McBain
Lindsay Rappaport
Jen Rappaport
Stacy Morasco (deceased)


Shane Morasco (mother, Gigi Morasco)


Shane Morasco (son) Roxanne Balsom (adopted mother)
Walter Balsom (adopted father; deceased)
Natalie Buchanan (adoptive sister)
Stella (adopted grandmother)
Corrine Balsom (adopted Aunt)
Echo Di Savoy (mother)
Clint Buchanan (father)
Asa Buchanan (grandfather)
Cord Roberts (half-brother)
Joey Buchanan (half-brother)
Kevin Buchanan (half-brother)
Jessica Buchanan (half-sister)
Natalie Buchanan (half-sister)
Bo Buchanan (uncle)
David Vickers (cousin)
Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
Drew Buchanan (cousin/deceased)
Sara Roberts (cousin)
CJ Roberts (cousin)
Liam Buchanan (nephew)
Ryder Ford (nephew)

Interesting Facts:

Came to town in 2002 as a bad boy, but has tried to stay on the good side of the law.
Saved Adriana from the stalker Dorian had hired.
Has a good relationship with Commissioner Bo Buchanan, who thinks of him like a son.
Was held responsible for the fire that burned down Roxy's hair salon.
While dating Jen, he slept with her mother Lindsay Rappaport.
Rex is reunited with Gigi, ex-girlfriend and mother of his son.
Rex learned that Roxy is not his biological mother, and later discovers the names of his real parents.
His paternal father disowned him.


Bo Buchanan (surrogate father figure)
John McBain
Lindsay Rappaport
Michael McBain
Kelly Cramer
Viki Banks


Mitch Laurence
Allison Perkins
Dorian Lord
Todd Manning

Strongest Points:

When Rex first came to town he was solely motivated by self-interest and greed, and was willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Although his methods and motives are still the same, Rex now has a good understanding of love, family and friendships. Once motivated solely by self-interest and greed, Rex was willing to cut corners to get what he wanted. While his motives and methods are largely the same, a better understanding of love and family have grounded this bad boy.

History of Rex Balsom:

When Rex was young, he was taken away from his mother Roxanne Balsom, and forced to live with his Aunt Corrine in Michigan. With dreams of "living it rich", and making it big in the world, he found his key when Jessica Buchanan searched him out. Who at the time believed Rex was her brother, and Roxanne was her biological mother. With a quick scheme to get rich he followed Jess back to Llanview, where eventually the truth came out and Jessica found she was not the daughter of Roxanne.

Rex soon got a job at the Palace Hotel where he met Jennifer Rappaport, who then became his partner in crime. Rex began to fall in love with Jen, who was in love with Joey Buchanan. After Joey told Jen he could not be with her anymore, she ran into Rex's arms. The two of them wed, but it was short lived after she felt it was a mistake. Although Jen left Rex, he had never stopped loving her.

Rex was highly upset when Paul Cramer stole a sex tape of him and Lindsay, and posted it on the Internet, shortly there after Paul was found dead. With Rex on the suspect list, he believed Jen committed the murder and did his best to protect her by covering it up. Later on Jen was found murdered in the back of her car. Rex was devastated and did everything in his power to hunt down her killer. Bo and Rex discovered it was the DA Daniel Colson. They arrested Daniel and found he was also the one who murdered Paul.

In 2006, Rex developed a friendship with Adriana Cramer, the daughter of Dorian Lord. The two fell in love and were later married. However, the two divorce shortly after Rex discovers that his wife lied to him over his son Shane. Rex soon reunited with Gigi, his high school girlfriend.

In March 2009, after Shane is diagnosed with Leukemia, Gigi's sister, Stacy, comes into the picture and forces Gigi to break up with Rex in exchange for her stem cells. During their separation, Rex sleeps with Stacy and she becomes pregnant. Stacy has a miscarriage, but gets pregnant again and keeping up the lie that the baby is Rex's. Rex discovered the truth from Stacy before she drowned that the baby was NOT his! Devastated by this news, he has decided to help Gigi fight for custody of her niece, Sierra Rose. Gigi asked Rex to marry her in obtaining a better chance of winning adoption but he turned down her proposal until they can repair the broken trust. Rex was first informed that his father was Mitch Laurence, but now it has been revealed that Roxy does not know who his real parents are.

Rex recently learned he was switched with another baby (Schuyler Joplin) at birth and that Roxanne is not his biological mother. He heads to New Mexico with Gigi to look for his real parents after receiving a necklace from a nurse who found him as an abandoned infant. Being in jail for breaking into the jewelry shop, owner, Penny drops the charges and helps them find more clues. Rex learns the identity of his parents and returns to Llanview. Kelly Cramer hired Rex to nab her mothers’ killer, Elijah Clarke, a.k.a. Bennett Thompson and paid him handsomely. Kelly finds Rex in the sauna to help locate David Vickers…Clint catches him stealing files from B.E. and revokes Gigi’s grant. Rex agreed to drop the search for David and Clint arranged a job offer for Gigi at L.U. Rex bonded with maternal mother, Echo Di Savoy. After tests revealed Charlie sired him, Rex was devastated to learn Clint was his legitimate father. Later, he unintentionally disappoints Bo after withholding David’s whereabouts. Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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