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Nora Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile


Nora Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile

Nora Buchanan portrayed by actress Hillary B. Smith

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Current Occupation:

District Attorney/Lawyer

Place of Residence:

Lives in Llanview with Bo Buchanan and their son Matthew

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Hank Gannon (divorced)
RJ Gannon (divorced)
Bo Buchanan (divorced, currently remarried)
Sam Rappaport (divorced, deceased)
Daniel Colson (divorced)
Clint Buchanan (annulled)


Rachel Gannon (daughter with Hank Gannon)
Matthew Buchanan (son with Bo Buchanan)


Susannah (sister)

Interesting Facts:

  • Once had a serious brain tumor.
  • Became a successful attorney.
  • Slept with Sam Rappaport to give her husband Bo a son.
  • Survived a train explosion.
  • Married her ex-brother-in-law Clint, but then cheated on him with his brother and her former husband Bo.
  • Clint plotted revenge against her to destory her marriage and had her abducted.
  • Friends:

    Marty Saybrooke
    Viki Lord Banks


    Todd Manning
    Lindsay Rappaport (serving time in prison)
    Inez Salinger
    Clint Buchanan

    Strongest Points:

    Nora learned the value of truth and happiness in personal matters and prevailed. She displays strong and professional business ethics.

    History of Nora Buchanan:

    Nora met her first husband, Hank Gannon while attending college but kept her affair with his younger brother, RJ a secret. Hank and Nora divorced when their daughter Rachel was a child. In 1992 Nora met Bo Buchanan and assisted him in the search for the driver who killed his wife. Nora represented Marty Saybrooke in a rape trial against Todd Manning. A short time later, she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor and became blind from the procedure. Todd escaped from prison and attempted to rape Nora but Bo rescued her. Surgery later restored her sight.

    In 1995 Nora married Bo and to cut her workload, she hired assistant Georgie Phillips. Georgie developed a dangerous obsession for Bo and fearing she would harm Nora, her daughter Rachel confessed to killing her.

    Bo ended his marriage to Nora in 1998 after she slept with Sam to give him a child. Nora deeply regretted the infidelity but Bo could not forgive her unfaithfulness.

    En route to Statesville Prison, Nora suffered severe injuries in a train explosion. Dr. Colin McIver saved her but kept her captive at his home until she healed and regained her strength. Nora distanced herself from Colin after he began stalking her.

    In 2004 Nora met D.A. Daniel Colson and married him. But the marriage was a sham when he shockingly exposed his male lover – then was convicted of murder charges.

    Despite Nora’s deep feelings for Bo, she married his brother, Clint. Tragically, Matthew was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed with a long recovery. In a bizarre twist, Bo and Nora fell passionately back in love. Clint discovered the affair and annulled the marriage. In a sweet and unexpected validation of his love for Nora, Bo asks her to marry him! She hesitates at first with concerns of their future but then happily accepts his proposal.

    Nora is sad for Matthew after Dani breaks up with him. Later, David evokes jealousy in Nora as she becomes unsettled after learning Bo hired Nate’s mother, Inez as his secretary. Nora encourages Bo to accept Clint’s interest in Inez. After Nora goes missing, her assailant sends Bo encouraging text messages to bed Inez. Nora slapped her over the liaison but learned it was a lie and a motive that involved Clint!
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