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Natalie Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile


Natalie Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile

Natalie Buchanan

© 2010 ABC Daytime

Portrayed by:

Current Occupation and Place of Residence:

ex-B.E. employee
Currently employed as a Crime Investigator at Llanview Police Department
Lived at Llanfair, but currently moved back in with John McBain

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Seth Anderson
Mitch Laurence(annulled)
Cristian Vega(divorced)
Paul Cramer
Jared Banks (married in 2009, later shot and killed by Mitch Laurence)
Brody Lovitt (one night affair, but later became more serious)
John McBain(currently re-united)


Liam (with John McBain)


Viki Lord Buchanan (biologial mother)
Rex Balsom (brother)
Victor Lord Jr. (uncle)
Gigi Morasco (sister-in-law)
Shane Morasco(nephew)
Roxanne Balsom (adoptive mother)
Clint Buchanan (biological father)
Walter Balsom (adoptive father)
Kevin Buchanan (brother)
Joey Buchanan (brother)
Jessica (sister)
Megan Gordon (half-sister/deceased)
Cord Roberts (half-brother)
Stella (adoptive grandmother)
Asa Buchanan (grandfather, deceased)
Duke Buchanan (nephew/deceased)
Bo Buchanan (uncle)
Todd Manning (uncle)
Matthew Buchanan (cousin)
Starr (cousin)
Jack Manning (cousin)
Sarah Roberts (cousin)
CJ Roberts (cousin)

Interesting Facts:

Came to Llanview in 2001.
Survived imprisonment by a serial killer.
Captured and held captive for weeks by the Killing Club Killer.
Married psychotic Mitch Laurence, who later threatened her life.
Grew up poor and neglected by her adoptive mother.
Framed Seth for stealing.
Since finding out she was a Buchanan heir in 2001, her once-rivalry with her “twin” sister, Jessica has blossomed into a strong bond.
Slept with her sister's boyfriend and became pregnant with his child.
Ended up with the love of her life, John McBain.



Strongest Points:

Natalie has come from a life of lies and heartache, but since moving to Llanview has become a strong and independent women. She fights for everything she wants, especially when it comes to her family.

History of Natalie Buchanan:

Natalie was born to Viki and Clint Buchanan, but was not aware that they were her parents until later on in her life. Viki was raped by Mitch Laurence and he had someone switch Natalie and Jessica Buchanan when they were babies. Mitch had no use for Natalie (Clint's daughter) and sent her to live with Dr. Balsom in Atlantic City, while Jessica stayed and lived with Viki in Llanfair. After Dr. Balsom died, Natalie was raised by his widow Roxanne Balsom. Roxanne was an alcoholic, verbally abusive and had left Natalie home alone many times while she went out and partied.

Allison Perkins, a disciple of Mitch, contacted Natalie and told her the truth about her parents, and she realized everything she had been deprived of, and decided to go to Llanview with her boyfriend Seth and get her share of the fortune. Natalie got a DNA test done, and proved to Viki and everyone else, she was her real daughter.

After her boyfriend Seth left town, Natalie became friends with Cristian Vega and the two of them fell in love. Jen Rappaport, the ex-girlfriend of Cristian became jealous of their new relationship and decided to find a way to get him back. Jen got pregnant by Al Buchanan, and told Cristian the baby was his, which forced him to leave Natalie. Natalie was so devastated that she agreed to marry Michael Lazarus, but soon found out that he was in fact Mitch Laurence!

Cristian told Natalie that Jen had had a miscarriage, and he wasn't going to marry her afterall. The two of them went out to talk things out, and got into a car accident. Michael/Mitch visited Natalie in the hospital, and she tried to convince him to have an annulment, but he refused. After Mitch supposeddly died, Natalie and Cris finally set a wedding date, but unfortunately in the midst of a FBI investigation with John McBain, Cris "died" rescuing Natalie. Later, Cristian came back to Llanview, but Natalie had already become involved with John McBain and she decided to stay with him. But Natalie and John's relationship never quite worked out the way they expected, and eventually Natalie chose to end it.

Natalie eventually married Jared Banks, but he was killed by her ex-husband, Mitch Laurence in November 2009. Since then she has had a strong reconnection with John McBain and old feelings have resurfaced. However, John is involved with Marty Saybrooke who is pregnant with their child. Can Natalie let go of John and accept his baby with Marty?

Unfortunately, Marty lost the baby from a fall and Natalie was found innocent after being a suspect. Heading to London, Roxy suggests Natalie write John a letter to meet her at midnight. Leaving Rodi’s drunk when John failed to show up, Natalie says goodbye to Brody. After drinking and swapping tales of broken hearts, they end up in bed. Arriving at the airport, Natalie is shocked to see John, who tells her they belong together. Natalie is worried when Jessica announces she is pregnant as she hides her own pregnancy. She confides to Gigi about her affair with Brody thinking the baby might be his and not John’s. Natalie and Brody discuss the repercussions of confessing to the affair but both agree to keep it secret. Refusing to falsifying evidence for Cole, Marty threatened to disclose her affair to John. Clint confessed he changed DNA tests and that he fathered Rex! Natalie admitted Brody was her baby’s father and John stormed out of their wedding …and spent the night with Kelly Cramer.

Natalie nearly fell to her death over a tape about John and learned Marty snatched Liam. Jessica caught Natalie and Brody in bed together and Natalie accepted Brody’s offer to move out. After Clint’s heart attack, she begged Rex to donate Gigi’s heart to save him.

Natalie was suspicious of Brody’s involvement in her uncle, Victor Lord Jr.'s death after he pressured her to marry him.

Natalie slapped Jessica and refused to believe that John was Liam’s father. However, after learning the truth from Tina, Natalie and John located Brody after Liam was kidnapped.

Natalie learned that Gigi was alive and celebrated her wedding to Rex. Later, she and John find Viki and Clint injured after a prison break out. After John rescues Natalie from Mitch, they make love to seal their relationship. Later, she bids farewell to Rex and his family as they leave for London.

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