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Nash Brennan - OLTL Character Profile


Nash Brennan - OLTL Character Profile

Forbes March (Nash Brennen)

© 2007 ABC, Inc.

Current Occupation:

Aspiring wine grower

Place of Residence:

Before his death, Nash lived in his home at the vineyard with wife Jessica and daughter Breenan.

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Tess/Jessica Buchanan
Claudia Reston


Bree Brennan (daughter with Jessica)
Chloe Brennan (daughter, deceased)


Clint Buchanan (father-in-law)
Viki Buchanan (mother-in-law)
Natalie Buchanan (sister-in-law)

Interesting Facts:

Came to Llanview in 2005
Met and fell in love with Tess, who was actually Jessica Buchanan
Helped Claudia Reston cover up the truth about her father's death
Kidnapped Jessica and baby Brennan


Vincent Jones
Layla Williamson


Jared Banks

Strongest Points:

Nash always try to do the right thing, but he is always stuck between the good, the bad, and the ugly. He is always there for the ones he loves and stands by their side no matter what. Even after he found out about Jessica's mental illness he completely supported her all the way through to the end.

History of Nash Brennan:

Nash came to Llanview not knowing what was ahead in the future for him. Nash had met Tess Buchanan, and the two got off on a rocky start. Soon the both of them fell in love with each other, and Tess decided to stay with him. Nash had no knowledge that Tess was in fact Jessica Buchanan, and was going through an alternate personality disorder.

As the two grew closer, they shared their dreams and goals in life and Nash told her he was going to have his own vineyard one day. The two made love, and for the first night Tess spent the night with someone she had strong feelings for. Unfortunately shortly afterwards, Antonio, Jessica's boyfriend tracked her down, and Jessica reemerged. She went back to Llanview, and left Nash wondering why she left him. Nash felt something was wrong and decided to head to Llanview and track Tess down.

Nash had found Jessica, who went back to becoming Tess again, when she saw him again. Nash asked Tess to move to Napa Valley with him, and she agreed. They moved to California, and opened a winery and fell deeper in love. Tess found out she was pregnant, but decided to keep the truth from Nash. She tried to get a abortion, but at the clinic Jessica took over. Once again Jessica returned to Llanview with Antonio. Nash went back to Llanview where he found out Jessica was pregnant, and she was unsure of who the father was. He also found out Tess was an alternate personality of Jessica's. Although Tess was not the person he thought she was, Nash promised he would stand by her and always love her.

Nash, Antonio, and Jessica's family soon learned the cause of her disorder. As a child Jessica was molested and videotaped as part of a child pornography ring. Nash was crushed when he found out the pain she had been through. Jessica couldn't handle the information, and left Tess in control. Tess finally gave birth to a daughter whom she named Brennen, and after the baby was tested it proved Nash was the biological father.

Jessica took control once again, and took therapy where she was able to be integrated: Jessica and Tess became one. Nash soon fell in love with Jessica, and even though Jessica married Antonio, she too, could not resist her feelings any longer for him. Jessica eventually divorced Antonio and married Nash. Nash died in Jessica's arms on June 5, 2008 after a terrible accident with Jared and Natalie. Currently, however, Jessica keeps seeing a ghost around Llanview - so is Nash really dead? Stay tuned.
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