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Miles Laurence - OLTL Character Profile


Miles Laurence - OLTL Character Profile

Miles Laurence

© 2007 ABC, Inc.

Current Occupation:

Independently wealthy (Inherited money from Spencer Truman)

Place of Residence:


Significant Romantic Relationships:

Was in love with Marty Saybrooke and even blackmailed her to marry him, but eventually they were divorced. Currently Miles is single.




Mitch Laurence (brother)
Walker Laurence (brother; deceased)
Jessica Buchanan (Niece)

Interesting Facts:

Came to town in 2007.
Born with a horrid disfigurement.
Inherited Spencer's fortune.
Abandoned by his family to be raised in an institution, cut off from the world.


Natalie Buchanan
Roxy Balsom
Rex Balsom
Adriana Cramer


Todd Manning

Strongest Points:

Miles Laurence was born with a terrible disfigurement, but fortunately Spencer Truman was able to do surgery on him and was able to correct it. Miles was born and raised in a life of isolation in a state facility. He grew up only knowing things about life from TV, movies and the Internet. Although he is naive, and misguided, he has been trying hard to fit into society.

History of Miles Laurence:

Miles was born disfigured in the face, and his family quickly disowned him, leaving him at a state hospital. Miles' only family were the doctors and nurses who worked in the hospital. He learned everything from the television in his room, movies and the Internet. He had no self-esteem and lived a life of loneliness.

Spencer Truman was visiting the hospital Miles was at and saw him, and stated he could save his face. After many experimently surgeries, Miles and Spencer became good friends and his disfigurement was forever gone. Shortly after his healing process was over, Miles had found out that Spencer was murdered, and had left him his entire fortune. Miles decided to leave the hospital, and come to Llanview to hunt down Spencer's killer, and to try and live a full and normal life. Once arriving in Llanview, Miles fell in love with Marty Saybrooke, but unfortunately she did not feel the same for him.

Due to his obsession with Marty, Miles blackmailed her to marry him, but later the marriage was annulled when the truth came out. During Miles community service he becomes friends with Roxy Balsom, who wants more than just friendship from him. Later, after Marty is presumed dead, Cole who is distraught over his mother's death shoots Miles. John McBain, who witnesses the scene jumps into the water to save him. Miles is rushed to the hospital for surgery. Roxy professes her love to him while Miles is still sedated from the operation. Soon after the surgery, Miles is dropped from the canvas and has not been heard from since.
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