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Matthew Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile


Matthew Buchanan - OLTL Character Profile

Llanview's Matthew Buchanan portrayed by actor Robert Gorrie

Copyright by Prospect Park, 2013

Portrayed by:

Strongest Points:

Matthew has embraced several changes in his life and has overcame many challenges. He has a strong will to survive and fights for what he wants. Matthew is forgiving and tries to see the good in people. He has become friends with his new half brother, David Vickers Buchanan.

Current Occupation:

Personal Assistant to Clint Buchanan at Buchanan Enterprises (B.E.)

Place of Residence:

Shares an apartment with his friends Jeffrey King and Danielle Manning

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Danielle Manning (ex-girlfriend)


Drew Buchanan (son with Destiny Evans)
Bo Buchanan (father)
Nora Hanen Buchanan (mother)
Asa (grandfather, deaceased 2008)
Renee Divine (grandmother)
Rex Balsom (uncle)
Shane Morasco (cousin)
Drew Buchanan (half brother, deaceased)
Rachel Hanen (half sister)
David Vickers Buchanan (half brother)
Clint Buchanan (uncle, ex-stepfather)
Viki Lord Banks (aunt)
Kevin Buchanan (cousin)
Joey Buchanan (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
Natalie Buchanan (cousin)

Interesting Facts:

Matthew's mother married his Uncle Clint, but later remarried his father, Bo.
Matthew was in a car accident that left him partially paralyzed, but later had a surgery which allowed him to walk again.
Matthew fled his boarding school.
Matthew sued his parents to have spinal surgery, which eventually restored the use of his legs.
He took a job at B.E. with Clint and adapted to his manipulative ways.


Nate Salinger
Rex Balsom
Shane Morasco


Danielle Rayburn
Jeffrey King
Destiny Evans
David Vickers Buchanan
Starr Manning
Cole Thornhart

History of Matthew Buchanan:

Matthew was born to Nora Hanan and Sam Rappaport. For years he didn’t know his real father was Bo Buchanan. In high school, Matthew met Destiny Evans who defended him when kids teased and harassed him for not using drugs. At their school dance, a girl he liked made a fool of him. Destiny comforted him but feeling hurt, Matthew took a ride home with his friend, Cole Thornhart. The evening got worse when they had a car accident which left Matthew seriously injured. Tests later revealed his friend Cole was on drugs and Matthew was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Matthew’s Uncle Clint found specialist, Dr. Greg Evans, in Seattle to perform the risky spinal surgery but his parents feared the worst and refused. Determined to walk again, he hired Tea Delgado to help him sue his parents and won his case, however, instead of going to Seattle, his parents flew him to a London boarding school. Destiny flew to London to see Matthew to express her feelings, but is disappointed when Matthew informs her he is going to Seattle with his new friend Danielle to have his surgery.

After a long recovery, Matthew leaves the hospital with his parents and is able to walk again. While talking to Danielle one night, Matthew kisses her! Destiny finally tells him she loves him but is disappointed he cares for Danielle. Currently, Matthew finds himself in the middle as Danielle and Destiny audition for the lead in a school play.

Matthew is heartbroken over losing Dani to Nate and David sets him up with a hooker to get over her! Matthew makes trouble for Nate at the country club and rats him out to convict, “Bull” who has his missing cash. When Bo hires Nate’s mother, Inez, Matthew retaliates by accepting his Uncle Clint’s offer to intern at B.E. He continues to cause more trouble for Nate despite Destiny’s warnings. Matthew later reports Rex’s intrusion at B.E. to Clint. Clint convinced him his parents were cheating and Matthew witnessed Bo kissing Inez. He outs him to Nora but after pinning Clint as Rex’s father, he realizes he was set up as a distraction! Matthew ‘dissed Rex’s son Shane at school after learning they are related.
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