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Marty Saybrooke - OLTL Character Profile


Marty Saybrooke - OLTL Character Profile

Marty Saybrooke

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About Marty Saybrooke:

  • Marty's strongest quality is that she learns how to forgive others and just moves forward with her life. She prides herself in her work and her ability to help others in need.

  • Occupation:

    Place of Residence:

    Angel Square Hotel with John McBain (past) Apartment in Llanview

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Dylan Moody (divorced)
    Patrick Thornhart (deceased)
    Miles Lawrence (annulled)
    John McBain (ex-boyfriend)


    Cole (with Patrick Thornhart)


    Cole (son with Patrick Thornhart)

    Interesting Facts:

    Marty was raped in college.
    Was presumed dead after a car accident.
    Marty is an accomplished psychiatrist.
    Recently suffered the loss of her baby with John McBain.
    Marty interfered in her ex-lover's relationship.
    Was admitted to St. Ann's after a mental breakdown.


    Viki Banks
    Jessica Buchanan
    John McBain


    Todd Manning
    Blair Manning
    Natalie Buchanan Banks
    Elijah Clarke (deceased)
    Hannah O'Connor
    Brody Lovitt

    The History of Marty Saybrooke:

    In college Marty was a party girl who had a one night stand with Todd Manning but later rejected him. He retaliated one evening with his frat brothers and raped her. Marty hired attorney Nora Gannon who sent Todd to prison and while out on parole, he rescued Marty from wreckage and received a pardon.

    Marty married Dylan Moody but returned to her true love, Patrick Thornhart. They married when she became pregnant with their son Cole. Patrick survived a gunshot wound and he and Marty fled to Ireland then moved to San Diego until his untimely death. Marty returned to Llanview in 2006 and sent Cole to Llanview High School as revenge on Todd. Todd and ex wife, Blair were shocked to learn Cole was Marty’s son and livid that he was dating their daughter Starr.

    In 2007 Marty met charming - but obsessed Miles Lawrence who blackmailed her into marrying him. Cole shot Miles to protect his mother but he survived and eventually ended the marriage. Marty soon became involved with John McBain.

    When Marty was presumed dead at the scene of a fiery car accident, Nora and John helped Cole deal with his loss and news of Starr’s pregnancy. Todd found Marty alive and realizing she had amnesia, “gave” her a new identity. He planned to leave Llanview with Marty and raise their grandchild together. After Todd seduced Marty, John rescued her revealing Todd’s cruel intentions and Cole’s identity. Marty discovered she was pregnant with Todd’s baby and terminated the pregnancy.

    John’s ex lover, Natalie admits she still loves John and hisses he would be with her if not for the baby he was expecting with Marty. Overhearing her harsh words, Marty confronts Natalie and is later found unconscious at the bottom of the hospital stairwell! Marty adamantly accuses Natalie for the loss of her baby…until she suddenly remembers an argument with Todd. With Todd still under investigation and Cole in jail, Marty decides to end her relationship with John after finding a letter to him from Natalie.

    After Cole is released from jail, John informs her that Hannah was covering for Elijah Clarke, who was responsible for the miscarriage. Marty learns from John about Natalie’s pregnancy and congratulates them. Marty is grateful for Hannah’s love and protection of Cole and testifies for her release from St. Anne’s. Marty takes Hannah under her supervision. Natalie denied sparing Cole from prison and Marty vowed to unveil her torrid affair with Brody. Todd banned her from Hope after Hannah kidnapped her and Starr. Marty was taken to St. Anne’s after delivering John and Natalie’s baby and claiming it as her own.
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