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Layla Williamson Character Profile


Layla Williamson Character Profile

Tika Sumpter (Layla Williamson)

© 2010 ABC, Inc.

Current Occupation:

Ex-Waitress and Clothing Designer with her buisness partner Adriana Cramer.
Ex-Secretary at Llanview Police Department
Working on a clothing line in Paris

Place of Residence:

Lives in Paris, France

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Vincent Jones
Antonio Vega (faked relationship)
Oliver Fish (dated briefly)
Cristian Vega (ex-fiancé)
Steffan (had an affair with)




Lisa Williamson (mother)
Evangeline Williamson (sister, deceased 2010)
Clay Williamson (uncle)

Interesting Facts:

Left Los Angeles and her acting career under mysterious circumstances.
Helped Antonio Vega win custody of his daughter Jamie by posing as his girlfriend.
Became a clothing designer with her friend Adriana Cramer.
Fell in love with her sister's ex-boyfriend.
Had an affair with her designer boss in Paris.


Adriana Cramer
Oliver Fish
Cristian Vega


Robert Ford

Srongest Points:

Layla is known to be a fun, wild and a loving party girl, but she is trustworthy and stable when her friends and family need her the most. She has big dreams and is trying to fulfill them all.

History of Layla Williamson:

Layla Williamson arrived in Llanview as an aspiring actress from Los Angeles, who moved with her sister Evangeline. After arriving, she got a job at Antonio's restaurant The Capricorn as a waitress. Layla and Antonio become friends during the time she temporarily stayed with him during the time of Killing Club killer investigation.

Layla decided to help Antonio who was engaged in a custody battle for his daughter Jamie. She pretended to be Antonio's girlfriend, since Jessica his true girlfriend had frequent absences and lack of maternal stability, which was hurting his case. Layla and Antonio moved in together to show they were a committed couple, for the social workers. Their plan eventually worked after a long custody battle, due to Layla's help and Antonio was granted custody.

Layla was forced to continue to appear as Antonio's girlfriend, after finding out Jessica was suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. This was to prevent RJ from appealing the custody ruling. RJ eventually backed off from Antonio and Layla was able to move on. However, she loves both Jamie and Antonio very much and would always be there for them if they ever needed her.

Layla eventually began dating Vincent Jones, and fell in love with him. Unfortunately she found out he was responsible for setting up Cristian in his boxing match and left him. Layla and Adriana Cramer started their own lingerie line, but after Adriana moved to Paris it left her without a job and the need to look for another roommate. She allowed Cristian to move in and the two began a relationship after her encounter with Oliver didn’t work out. Things have been going well for Layla and Cristian until Jessica’s memory loss and her new interest in Cristian which has Layla seeing red! Time will tell if these two stay together or one bails to find a new flame or rekindle an old one…

After a confrontation with Cris over Jessica while chaperoning the school prom, Layla happily accepts Cris’ proposal! She and Cris later report a bloody Ford who was beaten. Layla and Cris confront Ford and evict him. Visiting her mother in Maine, they learn Evangeline has taken a turn for the worst and she and her mother remove her from life support. Layla puts her plans to marry Cris on the back burner to work in Paris for a year while he teaches at L.U. Layla dismissed her surprise visit from Cris to work with her Parisian designer, Stephen and later admits to an affair with him! Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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