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Langston Cramer - OLTL Character Profile


Langston Cramer - OLTL Character Profile

Langston Cramer, played by actress Brittany Underwood

© Copyright by ABC Daytime, 2010

Current Occupation:

Attended Llanview University

Place of Residence:

Lived in Llanview at La Boulaie

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Markko Rivera (ex-boyfriend, but currently became friends with again)
Robert Ford (dated)
James Ford (dated)




Parents (deceased, car accident 2008)
Ray Montez (uncle)
Lola Montez (cousin)
Mayor Dorian Lord (adopted mother)
Blair Cramer (adopted cousin)
Addie Cramer (adopted aunt)
Cassie Carpenter (adopted sister)
Adriana Cramer (adopted sister)
Starr Manning (adopted cousin)
Jack Manning (adopted cousin)
Sam Manning (adopted cousin)

Interesting Facts:

Langston secretly lived on her own for 18 months following the death of her parents.
She was adopted by Dorian Lord Cramer.
Her uncle Ray Montez served time in prison for murder.
Her cousin, Lola developed a crush on her boyfriend Markko.
Langston cheated on Markko with his film teacher, Robert Ford.
Langston learned her boyfriend fathered a baby.
Reunited with an ex-boyfriend to work on a project.


Starr Manning
Cole Thornhart
James Ford


Tess Buchanan

Strongest Points:

Langston is a trusted, loyal friend to Starr and her adopted family. She tries hard to do the right thing and stands by her beliefs.

History of Langston Wilde-Cramer:

Langston met Starr Manning at high school and they became best friends. Langston bonded with Starr’s family after suffering the loss of her parents when they were killed and lived on her own for eighteen months before anyone knew she was an orphan. The school became suspicious, sent child services and she was put into foster care. Langston ran away to Starr’s Aunt Dorian’s house until child services showed up. Dorian claimed to be adopting Langston. But her uncle, Ray (released from prison), made a surprise visit along with his estranged wife, Vanessa and daughter Lola. At the hearing, Ray won custody of Langston and planned to take her to Columbia. Langston begged him to let her stay in Llanview but he refused. Dorian invites Ray and Lola to live at LaBoulaie and while there, Lola makes a play for Markko warning him to keep quiet. The night of their prom Lola tells Dorian Langston is planning to have sex. Dorian gives Langston condoms from Paris and after setting her purse down to have pictures taken, Lola punctures holes in the condoms! She later admits to Ray and Dorian what she did and Dorian frantically calls Langston. Luckily Markko bought condoms and the evening goes as planned. Ray decides to let Langston stay with Dorian and he takes Lola to Columbia to get help.

As Markko begins college to pursue his film career with T.A. instructor, Robert Ford, Langston is beginning her musical assignment for the semester. On a sweltering afternoon on a film set, Langston catches a “partially naked” Ford pouring water on himself to cool off and they make eye contact. Over several weeks, Ford offers to help Langston who is struggling with her musical but she decides to avoid him then seeks his help when Markko invites him to join them out for the evening. Months later and unable to control the sexual tension between them – they kiss! Lying about her whereabouts to Markko and evading questions from Starr, Langston is worried about hurting Markko but can’t stay away from Ford and has sex with him at his office. After Ford unexpectedly visits Langston at home one night, Starr comes home early to find him leaving. Curious, Starr notices a condom wrapper on the floor and asks Langston if she and Ford had sex. Flustered and feeling guilty, Langston denies it at first - saying it was Markko’s. But as Starr’s insistence escalates, Langston angrily admits she’s sleeping with Ford and begs her not to tell Markko - or Cole! However, at the diner, Markko hears a rumor about Langston sleeping with Ford and confronts her about it. She DENIES the rumor...but continues to see Ford after he confesses to falling in love with her. She kisses Ford goodbye before play rehearsal and, later, two cast members gossip about catching Langston kissing “someone other than Markko”.

Langston leaves the prom and walks in on Ford and Karen having sex! Langston is kissing Ford just as Markko bursts in and punches him after finding out about the two of them from Destiny. Langston is devastated after hearing Ford admits the sex meant nothing and that he doesn’t love her. Angry and humiliated, Langston threatens him. Markko leaves her and Langston confesses everything to Dorian, who stands by Langston’s innocence. Langston was found innocent in Ford’s beating… but plots revenge. Ignoring his advances, she attends Dorian’s wedding with Ford’s brother, James. After witnessing a beating from Brody for bedding Jessica on prom night, Ford was fired from L.U. from photos Langston submitted to the Dean! She callously admitted her dirty deed and later regretted her actions. Langston has a bittersweet run-in with Markko.

Ford faked an interest in Hannah to gain information in Starr’s disappearance and Langston reaffirmed her love for him. However, she was heartbroken when he married Jessica after learning he fathered her baby. Langston broke up with Ford and left for California to work on a movie with Marrko.
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