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Kim Andrews - OLTL Character Profile


Kim Andrews - OLTL Character Profile

Kim Andrews portrayed by actress Amanda Setton

© 2010 ABC Daytime

Portrayed by:

Actress Amanda Setton

About Kim Andrews:

  • As an ex-hooker and exotic dancer, Kim has always wanted a better life and will use her beauty, manipulation and schemes to get what she wants. A devoted friend, Kim is quick to lend a hand to a friend in trouble.

  • Occupation:
    Ex-hooker and exotic dancer

    Place of Residence:

    Whereabouts unknown after she was blackmailed by David Vickers to leave her husband Clint Buchanan.

    Significant Romantic Relationships:

    Clint Buchanan (ex-husband)



    Interesting Facts:

  • Kim came to Llanview with a plan.
  • Landed a job at Buchanan Enterprises.
  • She proposed marriage to Clint Buchanan in order to help get custody of Stacy's baby, Sierra Rose.
  • Kim was blackmailed into a confession which caused her to leave Llanview.
  • Friends:

    Stacy Morasco (deceased)
    Clint Buchanan (ex-husband)


    Gigi Morasco
    Rex Balsom
    Natalie Buchanan
    David Vickers Buchanan
    Schuyler Joplin

    History of Kim Andrews:

    Arriving in Llanview to help her friend, Stacy snag Rex, she concocted a plan by lining up potential suitors to impregnate her after losing his baby. Having plans of her own, Kim set her sights on billionaire, Clint Buchanan, owner of Buchanan Enterprises. She lied about having a prior interview with the deceased, Jared Banks. His widow, Natalie Buchanan overheard her fib but Kim got the job as Clint’s new assistant.

    Eavesdropping on Nora’s affair with Bo, Kim used Clint’s butler’s brother, Neville to pose as twin brother, Nigel to tell Clint in exchange for a “good time”. Kim happily obliged when Clint asked her to fake an affair to get back at Nora. Kim learns she needs to vacate the apartment with Stacy after finding out Rex is moving back in. Clint arrives later to give her a raise for “helping” him and offers her a room at the mansion. Nora visits Clint with her lawyer, threatening to sell the house but Kim convinces Clint to drop his costly demands and Nora agrees to leave him the house.

    Rex begins to doubt the baby is his and Kim gets med student (and baby daddy) Schuyler to get the drug Oxytocin to induce labor - but he refuses. Kim later finds Stacy who just gave birth but is intent to go into the snowstorm to find her estranged sister Gigi and baby who are headed to the hospital. Kim later learns of Stacy’s death and vows to take care of her baby. Using her marriage to Clint as leverage in the custody battle against Schuyler and Gigi, Kim is backed into a corner when David tells her Neville told him of her plan of wanting Clint for herself. Kim was forced to admit what she did and “confessed” to committing adultery. Clint annulled the marriage and Kim left Llanview with the clothes on her back.

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