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John McBain - OLTL Character Profile


John McBain - OLTL Character Profile

John McBain

Copyright © 2010 ABC Daytime

Current Occupation:

Llanview Police Department Detective and Former FBI Agent

Place of Residence:

Currently resides at the Angel's Square Motel

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Caitlin Fitzgerald (former fiancé - deceased)
Natalie Buchanan (ex-fiancée’)
Evangeline Williamson
Blair Manning
Marty Saybrooke (ex-girlfriend)
Kelly Cramer




Eve McBain (mother)
Thomas McBain (father - deceased)
Michael McBain (brother)
Marcie McBain (sister-in-law)
Gabriel Thomas McBain (uncle)
Shannon McBain (cousin)

Interesting Facts:

His father Thomas was murdered by Spencer Truman when he was only a young boy.
Captured two killers in Llanview - the Music Box killer and the Killing Club killer.
Found Margaret Cochran proving Todd Manning did not murder her, which in turn saved Todd's life.
Kept the true identity of Cristian Vega a secret and lied to Cristian's wife Natalie that he was still alive.
Became severely burned in a car accident and was misidentified as someone else.
Was obsessed with finding out who had killed his father which turned out to be Spencer Truman.
John learned his fiancée’ had another man’s baby and he walked out of his wedding.
Got into a bar fight along with Kelly Cramer.


Michael McBain (brother)
Bo Buchanan (friend and boss)
Marcie McBain (sister-in-law)
Evangeline Williamson (ex-girlfriend, deceased)
Natalie Buchanan (ex-girlfriend)
Viki Lord Banks
Rex Balsom
Cole Thornhart (surrogate son)
Blair Cramer


Spencer Truman (deceased)
Mitch Laurence
Elijah Clarke (deceased)
Hannah O'Connor
Brody Lovitt

Strongest Points:

Gives off a tough guy image, but has let his past interfere with his emotions. John McBain is very loyal to his friends and will put himself in great danger in order to save his loved ones.

History of John McBain:

John McBain arrived in Llanview in 2003 as part of an undercover sting operation to arrest Flynn Laurence. While infiltrating Flynn's criminal organization, John was ordered to go to Llanview and recruit Natalie Vega for a pool tournament. After Natalie refused to throw the game, Flynn kidnapped her, which forced John to reveal his true identity as an FBI agent. During this ordeal, Natalie's husband Cristian was caught up in the rescue and was presumed dead.

Soon afterwards, John became involved in the Music Box killer investigation. Although initially Natalie resented John for indirectly causing the death of her husband, their friendship soon grew. John solved the case and arrested Dr. Stephen Haver as the killer, but was poisoned by Haver after he switched his prescription pills. During his recovery, Natalie, remained at his bedside and they soon began a new chapter in their relationship.

During his next investigation of the Santi crime family, John began working closely with Kathryn Fitzgerald, his deceased fiancé’s sister. Natalie misinterpreted their friendship, and she became involved with Paul Cramer. In the meantime, during a murder investigation, John and Evangeline Williamson ended up trapped in a wine cellar together and slept with one another.

After Natalie and Evangeline were both kidnapped by The Killing Club killer, John went on a frantic search to find them. After finding them in great danger, John was forced to save Natalie first, which affirmed to Evangeline that his heart was not with her, but with Natalie.

John and Natalie's relationship further developed during his next investigation to track down his father's murderer. John eventually solved the case and arrested Spencer Truman. After finally finding peace, John decided it was time to make a commitment to Natalie and propose to her. Unfortunately on the way to meet Natalie, John was involved in a car accident and presumed dead. Later, Vincent Jones figured out that there had been a mix up and John was still alive. Although John reunited with Natalie, her interference in his recovery and Spencer Truman's murder investigation ended their relationship.

John was dating Marty Saybrooke with whom he is was expecting a baby with. John and his ex-girlfriend Natalie have grown closer since her husband, Jared was killed by Mitch Lawrence several months ago. John struggled with his feelings for Natalie causing him ambivalence in his acceptance of Marty’s pregnancy. John asked Marty to move in with him which upset Natalie. John later found Marty at the bottom of the hospital stairwell and learned that she and Natalie had a confrontation. Marty lost the baby and John confronts Natalie who angrily denies pushing her. Marty tells John that she and Todd had a confrontation earlier the same day. Cole gets arrested for beating up Todd after Hannah O’Connor confessed to John that Todd caused Marty’s miscarriage. John overhears Starr mention Hannah’s 'plans to ruin her and Cole’s relationship’ and begins to doubt Hannah’s confession. John is surprised when Marty breaks up with him after finding a letter from Natalie for John to meet her at midnight. After arriving late, Roxy tells John Natalie left for London and John goes to the airport. Finding out she didn’t board the flight, he finds Natalie and tells her they belong with each other. After Hannah’s confession that Elijah Clarke caused his and Marty’s loss, John locates Blair and Eli in Tahiti and rescues her from a fire; Elijah is later presumed dead. John awkwardly briefs Marty on Natalie’s pregnancy. John later realizes that Eli is still alive and kidnapped Starr, Hope and Dani.

Cole was sent to jail for killing Eli after John resisted clearing his name. Marty snatched his and Natalie’s infant son while trying to reveal a secret. John was in a bar fight and spent the night with Kelly Cramer after learning Brody was the father of Natalie’s baby.

Profile updated by Cathy Valor
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