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Jessica Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile


Jessica Buchanan - 'One Life to Live' Character Profile

Jessica Buchanan

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Current Occupation:

Board Member of Buchanan Enterprises
Former writer for The Banner and The Sun

Place of Residence:

Currently, Jessica resides at Llanfair with her mother, step father and daughter, Brennan (Bree) and sister Natalie.

Significant Romantic Relationships:

Cristian Vega - dated for several years in high school
Will Rappaport - Jessica lost her virginity with
Seth Anderson - dated
Augustico "Tico" Santi – married in 2004 but was annulled after his death
Antonio Vega - married in 2006 and divorced in 2007
Nash Brennan - married in 2007, but he died in 2008
Brody Lovett (ex-fiancé’)
Robert Ford (husband)


Megan Victoria Buchannan - daughter she had with Will but the baby died after she was hit by Dorian Lord.
Brennan “Bree” Buchanan - daughter with Nash Brennan
Chole Brennan Buchanan - baby taken by Jessica’s alter Bess from Starr Manning, her cousin. Jessica’s second baby with Nash died in child birth.
Ryder (with Robert Ford)


Mitch Laurence (biological father, deceased)
Victoria Lord (biological mother)
Clint Buchanan (father by adoption)
Kevin Buchanan (maternal step brother)
Joseph Buchanan (maternal step brother)
Natalie Buchanan (maternal half-twin sister)
Asa Buchanan (paternal grandfather, by adoption, deceased)
Miles Laurence (paternal uncle)
Bo Buchanan (paternal uncle, by adoption)
Ben Davidson (paternal half- uncle, by adoption; deceased)
Tina Clayton Lord (maternal-half aunt)
Todd Manning (maternal half-uncle)
Starr Manning (maternal half-cousin)
Rex Balsom (half-brother)

Interesting Facts for Jessica:

  • Accidentally burned down Llanfair in 1991.
  • As a child she was sexual molested.
  • Has D.I.D like her mother Viki. Like her mother, her alters name rhyme with her own name. Tess emerged in 2006, while Bess has been presently introduced.
  • As her alter Tess, she’s tried killing her twin sister Natalie and her boyfriend Jared Banks.
  • She has Hepatitis C. She needed a liver transplant and was lucky to find a match from Uncle David.
  • As her alter Bess, she kidnapped Starr Manning’s baby and left Starr with Jessica’s dead baby in order to keep Jessica from suffering.
  • Kidnapped by her father, Mitch Laurence in 2010.
  • Jessica’s sister and fiancé’ slept together.
  • Jessica's alter Tess returned after news of a DNA switch on her wedding day.


Todd Manning
Natalie Buchanan
Cristian Vega
Bo Buchanan
Brody Lovitt
Marty Saybrooke
Rex Balsom
Kelly Cramer


Her alters, Tess and Bess
Alison Perkins
Her mother’s alter, Niki Smith
Dorian Lord
Mitch Laurence
Robert Ford

Strongest Points:

Despite all the problems Jessica has faced, she always defies the odds. Jessica has become a strong woman and a loving mother.

History of Jessica Buchanan Brennan:

Jessica Buchanan was kidnapped at birth by Allison Perkins, but was returned to the Buchanan family.

Jessica dated Cristian Vega, but ended up cheating on him after getting drunk with Will Rappaport. She later became pregnant with Will's child, but was hit by Dorian and lost her baby and went into a coma.

Eventually, Jessica recovered. During this time, her mother struggled with breast cancer and her alter, Niki Smith. Viki found out that Mitch Laurence was Jessica’s father and that Clint Buchanan was Natalie’s father and that she’d giving birth to twins.

Jessica ended up falling in love with another Vega, but this time Cris' brother, Antonio. But like her mother, she began to suffer from dissociative identity disorder, D.I.D. Later, Viki and Clint discover that while Jessica was in the care of Niki Smith, Jessica was taken to a bar and was molested by a pornographer named Norman Leeds.

Tess emerged and unlike Jessica, Tess was a party girl and loved flirting and sleeping around with other men.

Antonio and Jessica tied the knot but she started to have feelings for Nash Brennan. Jessica and Antonio get a divorce. Tess ended up having Jessica’s baby, Bree. Shortly after, Jessica marries Nash.

Unfortunately the marriage was cut short when Nash ended up falling to his death over a fight with Natalie’s boyfriend, Jared. Jessica was able to tell Nash on his death bed that she was carrying his baby. A devasted Jessica didn’t have much time to grieve because Tess took over and vowed revenge against Natalie and Jared. As Tess, she locked them up in a sound proof basement and was planning on blowing up Llanfair with them left inside. Later, Tess gives birth to a dead baby and Bess, Jessica’s second alter came out to take care of things. Bess ended up stealing Starr Manning’s baby and decided to pass it off as Jessica’s. Jessica soon came back and has admitted herself into St. Ann’s sanitarium so she can become integrated, not realizing what Bess has done.

Jessica was kidnapped by her biological father, Mitch Lawrence who erased most of her memory after the age of 18 using electromagnetic shock therapy to try to keep Jessica imprisoned with him forever. Due to her memory loss, Jessica enrolls at Llanview High School where she developed a “crush” on her ex-boyfriend, Cristian Vega, who is now her senior art teacher.

Jessica begins to remember something while dancing with Brody at the prom but dismisses it. She and Cris won prom King and Queen after she rigged the ballots but he angrily turned her down and proposed to Layla shortly after. Brody forced Jessica to remember what happened with Mitch but she refused. She ends up in bed with Ford and suddenly has visions of Mitch and screams at Ford to stop! Later, she sees Brody’s medal on the floor and begins to remember her life and relays the news to Brody. Jessica learns that Ford was bludgeoned and wonders if one of her altars is responsible…Jessica is later found innocent of the attack but confronts Ford about prom night.

Brody proposes to Jessica after learning she is pregnant but both are distraught when tearfully she realizes Ford could be the father. Jessica later witnesses Brody’s wrath after seeing Ford’s beaten face. She later congratulates Natalie and John on their pregnancy news. Jessica learned DNA tests were doctored and Ford was her baby’s father - and that Brody fathered Natalie’s baby; Tess returned and later eloped in Vegas with Ford!

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