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Evangeline Williamson - OLTL Fomer Character Profile


Evangeline Williamson - OLTL Fomer Character Profile

Evangeline Williamson

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Current Occupation:

Was the Assistant District Attorney before she was injured and went into a coma.

Place of Residence:

Currently lives with her mother who is caring for her at home.

Significant Romantic Relationships:

RJ Gannon
John McBain
Cristian Vega




Lisa Williamson (mother)
Mr. Williamson (father - deceased)
Clay Williamson (uncle)
Layla Williamson (sister)

Interesting Facts :

~ Won Llanview Woman of the Year Award, but during the ceremony was kidnapped by the Killing Club Killer.
~ Went blind for awhile after a tornado hit the church she was in.
~ Became friends with Todd Manning after Blair had wrongly accused him of rape.
~ Broke up with RJ Gannon after he had her followed due to his jealousy.
~ Proved Cristian Vega, whom had been presumed dead, was alive and had been brainwashed by Carlo Hesser.


Layla Williamson (sister)
Nora Hanen Buchanan
Todd Manning
John McBain
Antonio Vega
Cristian Vega


RJ Gannon (strained relationship since their break-up)
Natalie Buchanan (has been both a rival and a friend)
Spencer Truman (deceased)

Strongest Points:

~ A tough professional attorney who hates to lose and will do whatever it takes to prove her client's innocence. Evangeline tends to be a little bit cautious with her heart, but is willing to give 100% to her relationships once she's in love. She has stong moral values, loyal and is very articulate!

History of Evangeline Williamson:

Evangeline Williamson arrived in Llanview in 2003 as Mitch Laurence's lawyer which immediately created quite a stir. However, it wasn't long after that many Llanview citizens realized what a brilliant lawyer she was.

Starting a steaming relationship with bad boy RJ Gannon. Despite her representation of Antonio Vega during the custody suit of his grandchild Jamie, RJ and Evangeline remained a happy couple for awhile.

Evangeline took on another controversial case in Llanview when she decided to defend Todd Manning on rape charges. Blair Manning had wrongly accused Todd of rape due to a brain tumor which had affected her memory. Although Todd had fired her from the case, Evangeline eventually helped him succeed in having the charges dropped.

During a murder investigation of one of her clients, Evangeline found herself trapped in wine cellar with John McBain. During their ordeal they bounded with one another that night, and Evangeline slept with John. Although trying to brush it off as a one night stand, both Evangeline and John eventually realized there was something more between them. Evangeline broke up with RJ after his jealously had provoked him in hiring some thugs to beat up John.
Although the relationship with John had at times been quite steamy, John was just not ready to commit wholeheartedly to her. John was also torn between her and Natalie Vega, whom he eventually began a much more serious relationship with.

After defending Cristian Vega, whom had been brainwashed by Carlo Hesser, a friendship formed between Cristian and Evangeline which soon began a new chapter in her life. Their friendship turned to romance after Cristian helped Evangeline deal with her temporary blindness after a torando had hit Llanview. Evangeline's good friend, Todd Manning, arranged a surgery for her and her sight was restored.

Evangeline became involved with Cristian, but her friendship with Todd put quite a strain on their relationship. Evangeline went to comfort Todd after he learned of his son's death, and was caught off guard when Todd kissed her. Cristian found Todd undressed at Evangeline's apartment and decided to break up with her. Evangeline and Cristian eventually started to work things out, but before they could give their relationship another chance a tragedy took place. While at Cristian's apartment, a racist tried to kill those there that day, and although Evangeline survived she is currently in a coma. Her mother is taking care of Evangeline at her home.
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